Mako Class

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The Mako class corvetttes are FTL-capable warships used by the EGSDF Space Navy. Makos are primarily used as defensive escort vessels, focusing on area and point defense.



The Mako class began life as a heavily modified Artemis Class Frigate, in much the same way that the Versailles Class destroyer is a modified Atmos. The Mako was adapted from the Artemis to fill a long-range escort and forward scout role, something other ships in the fleet were not capable of, due to either high cost or the lack of a faster than light drive. The Mako differs from the Atmos mainly in the realm of engines - a faster-than-light warp drive was added, and the sublight engines were enlarged. As with any change, there are drawbacks to this: The Mako class has much reduced offensive capability from its parent class. This is not, however, a disadvantage for the Mako's intended role, where speed and range are more important than firepower.


Much like the Artemis class Frigate that it is based on, the Mako class corvette's systems are mostly designed to detect and counter inbound FTL missiles and warships. It's many sensors have sacrificed maximum scanning range to achieve higher scan rates and lower detection times, making sure that any inbound threat can be detected and tracked in real-time while interceptor missiles are deployed.


  • 60 Vertical Launch System cells.
  • 1 Light beam cannon.
  • Various point defense systems.

Sublight Propulsion

  • Gravitic Drive, maximum acceleration: 3150 G
  • Plasma Thrusters, maximum acceleration: 17.5 G (used as backup)
  • Reaction control system

Superluminal Propulsion

  • Spacewarp drive, maximum velocity: 11,500,000C
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