Versailles Class

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The Versailles class destroyers are fast FTL-capable warships used by the EGSDF Space Navy.



During the development of the Amon Star class and it's related vessels, the need for more FTL-capable warship classes became apparent. Even though the 'Star could function as a tug at spacewarp, smaller FTL vessels would be required to escort convoys and to function in formation with the 'Star's more practical counterpart, the Galveston Class The Versailles Class destroyer, alongside the Mako Class corvette, was devised to fill this gap. In order to lower manufacturing overhead, the Versailles class was based off of the Atmos Class, which was already in production. Fitting a warp drive into this design proved difficult, and certain tradeoffs were required; numerous VLS cells and two beam cannons had to be removed to free room for the FTL drive. Even with these deletions, the Versailles proved to be a fine design, though its greater cost has less common among the fleet.


To fulfill the intended purposes of escort and patrol, the Atmos class incorporates a wide variety of high-powered sensors. These sensor systems include high-resolution infrared, visible, and ultraviolet optical sensors; high-power multi-band radar, gravimetric sensors, and various sub and hyperspace sensors. These sensors are tied into a state of the art weapons system that primarily uses long-range relativistic missiles. With these sensors, an Atmos destroyer can typically detect and intercept a threat before it has a chance to return fire.


  • 90 Vertical Launch System cells.
  • 4 Medium beam cannons.
  • Various point defense systems.

Sublight Propulsion

  • Gravitic Drive, maximum acceleration: 2900 G
  • Plasma Thrusters, maximum acceleration: 16 G (used as backup)
  • Reaction control system

Superluminal Propulsion

  • Spacewarp drive, maximum velocity: 13,000,000C
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