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EGSDF Marines are the Mayhem-native portion of the Force. Due to lack of numbers and proper equipment, they did not play a large part during the Crossover Wars. However, recent developments in weapons systems place them among the best of the combined Navy's combat personnel.



The EGSDF marine corps consists of a large number of small, highly-mobile squads. Each squad is fully networked, sharing telemetry and battlefield intelligence with the rest of the force, as well as the fleet. This organization arose out of the unique requirements imposed upon the EGSDF during the crossover wars; namely, the ability to rapidly respond to fast, unpredictable attacks. The networking capability has not been thoroughly field-tested as of this writing, but it shows much promise.


M3 Advanced Combat Uniform

The ACU is designed specifically for Mayhem use. It consists of a body suit, derived from a uryuom worker's suit, over which a number of semi-flexible armor plates is fitted. This design ensures that the wearer can change form freely without damaging the uniform. The body suit has been reinforced to provide some ballistic and vacuum protection, and also includes a mesh of sensors that monitors the wearer's condition. The armor plates consist of a high-strength, high-heat polymer that provides intermediate ballistic and energy-weapon protection. Suit electronics are contained within a backpack of sorts, which houses a miniature generator turbine, backup battery, suit computer, IFF, and communications devices. Both helmet-mounted and contact-lens displays are available for the suit's comm system.

M7 Free-Electron Laser Carbine

The M7 FEL-C fires a rapidly-pulsed, high energy laser beam. The rifle is designed for short to medium range engagements, and can adapt to atmospheric conditions by varying both the optics and the wavelength of the beam. The rifle's output is adjustable, varying from causing third-degree burns to being able to blast large holes in a cinder block wall. With the proper settings, the rifle can create a plasma channel in the air, along which electricity can be transmitted. This gives the M8 an effective 'stun' setting. Power for the weapon is provided by interchangeable fusion powercells, which last from twenty to one hundred shots, depending on output level. Three cells are typically carried: one in the rifle and two reloads.

M9 Free-Electron Laser Pistol

The M9 is for all intents and purposes a scaled-down M7, and has the range and power drawbacks associated with such. The M9 is capable of the output necessary to penetrate anti-energy body armor, but the powercell will only last three to five shots under such a load. This makes the M7 useful as a backup weapon, but not much else.

M12 Vibrobayonet

The M12 is a dual-function device which can be used as a combat knife or affixed to the M7 as a bayonet. The bayonet contains an ultrasonic generator in the handle which, when activated, causes the blade to vibrate at a high frequency. This action, combined with a microscopic serration of the edge, increases the cutting ability of the blade exponentially.

Force Recon

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