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Marine Force Recon is the special operations branch of the EGSDF Marine Corps. There are two distinct missions that Force Recon performs; deep reconnaissance "green side', and direct action "black side" missions. Both mission types are typically performed while vastly outnumbered and deep behind enemy lines and, as such, Marine Force Recon are among the best-trained and most well-equipped soldiers in the entire EGSDF.



M27 Assault Powersuit

The M27 APS is a formidable machine: standing seven feet tall and weighing in at a ton and a half, it is as large as many small cars. Contained within this armor's massive shell is a high-output reactor, nanotube-reinforced endoskeleton, artificial musculature, and jump system. This gives the wearer/pilot an incredible load-bearing capacity as well as unprecedented battlefield maneuverability. This maneuverability is especially important in "green side" scouting missions, where the primary objective is to observe the enemy, and direct engagement is typically avoided. The jump system is also useful in the direct-action, or "black side" role, where it gives the pilot the ability to choose when/where they will engage the enemy.

The suit is also designed to accommodate a large loadout, which is typically carried in shoulder/back pods. For a deep reconnaissance mission, this consists primarily of long-range sensors, including high-resolution multi-spectrum imaging, synthetic-aperture radar, magnetic and gravitic anomaly detection gear, and signals analysis equipment. These various sensors provide real-time battlefield intelligence to Marine command, which can be used to coordinate ground operations.

Conversely, a direct-action loadout consists primarily of heavy weaponry; including dumb grenades, micromissiles, and even long-range tactical antimatter munitions. This armament makes a black-side operator one of the most fearsome units on any battlefield.

M17 Heavy Combat Rifle

The M17 combines a 7.62mm machinegun and a short-barreled 20mm autocannon in a package that is as big as it sounds. The sheer size of this weapon makes it impractical for any but the largest and strongest combatants, making it perfectly suited for Force Recon use. A variety of munitions, both guided and unguided, can be fired from this rifle. Standard payload for the autocannon consists of a multipurpose high-explosive incendiary/armor piercing round, which combines an incendiary mixture, high explosive payload, and kinetic energy penetrator. Other ammunition types include shaped charge warheads, fin-stabilized discarding sabot slugs, thermobaric charges, and programmable airburst munitions, among other, more specialized, payloads. Ammunition selection for the machine gun component is far less varied, consisting of the full metal jacket, soft-tip, hollow point, and tungsten-core armor penetrating.

M19 Plasma Torch

The M19 is a close-quarters weapon that uses a projects a high-heat stream of charged gas. A magnetic aperture in the nozzle can focus this stream down to a knife edge that is capable of cutting through blast doors, or open the stream up into a cloud that is capable of filling entire hallways with searing-hot gas. This weapon is typically used for door breaching procedures, or in close-combat scenarios against multiple hostiles.

Tactics and Function

Force Recon typically deploys in small numbers by way of orbital drop-pod. Force Recon will often be the first on the ground in any planetary-assault situation, and will work from behind enemy lines in much the same way as paratroopers. Direct action operations, operating in concert with Navy air and orbital strikes, play a crucial part in securing landing zones for marine dropships. Deep reconnaissance operations are instrumental in the fight, as eyes on the ground can often offer a better vantage point than ships and/or aircraft. Without the support and intelligence provided by Force Recon, many Marine operations would fail early on.

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