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Windows makes up a vast majority (90%+) of the operating system market, and for that reason, it's a popular target for viruses and exploits. It's a common misconception that Windows has to be vulnerable to hackers. It's also a misconception that it needs to be slow. The fact is, if you choose the right software and make the right tweaks, you can have a fast and secure PC.

In this wiki, I want to compile as much information as I can about securing your Windows XP computer. This wiki also contains instructions on how to make your copy of Windows XP run efficiently. The suggestions contained within this wiki strongly favor free software. Although commercial software may at rare times be more protective, a free solution can often be found that is comparable. It's a myth that only pay security software is worthwhile.

Many of the security suggestions are geared toward Windows XP Professional users, but they will most likely work on Windows XP Home as well. This website has been designed to cater to both beginner users as well as power-users. Difficulty of particular tweaks and software are noted in the guides.

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