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So you’ve launched a two minute video that you’re really likes to show off. And because of how cool it truly is, people are flocking to YouTube to observe it. Just how many? We’re talking scads, like in Bieber’s fan base looks like your local book club as opposed to views you’re surely raking in. Oh, not really much? Well, for a bit of cash that can change. Enter virool. Virool, a startup being demoed at Y Combinator’s demo day later this month, looks to boost the number of views video creators get. The corporation pairs publishers and content creators together automatically, and then for a cut within the transaction, pushes out videos to viewers. The theory is partly an advertising network, in that money changes hands for the video to be seen. But more to the point, the company is providing a way desired service for your video industry. And along the way, Virool gets a nice bit of the action.

According to the latest statistics released by YouTube, there are actually 72 hours of video content being uploaded with the service every minute. That’s over 1.5 million videos uploaded every single day. Finding quality content that’s strongly related to you is the same as finding a needle in a very haystack. Also the needle is created out of hay. And the haystack is on fire. That problem impacts both the content creators as well as viewers. Unlike normal ads, which the majority of people either ignore or actively dislike, people actually do want to see quality video content - they just don’t want to have to search online for it. Likewise, creators wish to have their videos seen, but barring videos organically going viral, it’s unclear how to attract viewers, and definitely not when it comes to targeted demographics.

Virool solves this difficulty. The process starts when video creators join Virool, you need to a campaign. Say I need to have a YouTube video seen by an additional 1,000 people. I would go on Virool, add the connection to the video, after which tell the service what quantity of money I’m willing to pay per view. Virool then takes motion picture and puts it in numerous different spots. Publishers can place the video on a Facebook page, or game developers can embed them in substitution for virtual currency. The publishers then obtain a cut of the results of Virool, and the videos get almost guaranteed views.

After i met with the company the 2009 week, they did an easy demo on a PandoDaily video. They chose among the PandoList videos, and then push the button for a $10 campaign. Within a few moments, the video was getting views everywhere. On top of just the views, the campaign there could also be targeted towards categories of people based on age, gender, and location. Then, when the views started coming in, virool provides a quick dashboard to ascertain results. The campaign owner cane easily see where people are viewing the videos, the amount of are viewing them at this point in real-time, and can tend to expand the campaign.

By all indications, the provider has been winning over people in droves. The company provided concerning on revenue growth as time passes, and it is impressive, understandably. Looking at the last 90 days, the revenue monthly has been roughly $50,000, $125,000, and $230,000, for May, June, and July; respectively. With the month of August, the business made a whopping $50,000 over the first day alone.

This growth in revenue is likely many of how the company happens to be able to attract investors. In addition to Y Combinator, the company is seeing investments from Paul Buccheit, Alexis Ohanian, 500Startups, and Y Combinator partner Garry Tan.

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