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Tile and Grout Cleaning  in Lake Forest

There are several ways we can clean your tile and grout for you. But before we begin to discuss the methods the first thing we do while we are at your home is we start by doing a professional evaluation on your surfaces which looks at the size of your tiled floor and grout surfaces. Many companies could clean your tile and grout but do they treat and respect your life the way we do? Sometimes when a company comes in they do not care if you have pets or little children running around and some of the products on the market today can be dangerous. You want to be sure that you pick a company that knows chemicals are dangerous and uses other methods. Then you have selected the right company as we only use safe measures to clean your floors. Even our pre-treatments are environmentally and pet safe. It’s nice knowing that your pets and children will never have to inhale or accidentally lick toxic substances. Plus you will never have to worry that the environment or local area will be impacted by the solutions we use. Once the pre-treatment is applied and it has set in for the correct amount of time then we begin with our large truck mounted systems that have variable pressure and different types of spray levels. We spray down every surface with the appropriate chemicals and fluids and it then it washed with a powerful mist of water from our pressurized truck system. Since we respect the environment and our local water supply it is never dumped into the sewers which keep our waters fresh and ready to drink for future generations. Instead the dirty water and chemicals stay in our truck in a separate compartment where dirty water goes into once the job is complete. The chemicals and the high power pressure rinse loosen up all the dirt and debris that are stuck in your tiles and grout lines. This leaves them looking and feeling like new tile. Your grout will be so clean that it will be white or all the way back to its original color, if colored. Our system is so advanced that as soon as it is complete, you can reach down and touch the tiles safely. This is due to the almost instant drying technology of our products and the pressurized vacuum system that sucks up all the dirt and water. So dry you can walk across and won’t slip or fall. It will be so clean that you can eat off the floor, if you wish to do so. Try us out with our free 15 minute demo on your floors and see the difference for yourself versus home cleaning or a competitor of ours. You will not be disappointed with our pricing either we offer very reasonable rates and have been commented on several times with positive reviews on Angie’s List. So why not call us today! We Clean on north shore Chicago everday granite cleaning

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