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NASA World Wind obtains its images on the fly from various image servers. These image servers are available to the world to use for other uses as well, but please see the mirrors section before making significant use of the already overloaded primary servers. The images should all be in the public domain, but someone needs to check this. For a bit of an introduction, there is a discussion at



These "tiles" can be downloaded using the World Wind Map Tile System. A temporary PHP script was set up at to convert latitude and longitude to appropriate tile requests. See for example, which lists tiles for the Tampa International Airport at (27.975472, -87.53325).

For a list of data sets, see List of World Wind Tile Data Sets.


To download this information you need to use WMS.


Mirrors have been set up to divert some of the load from the NASA servers. See for the current list of mirrors.

Type A Servers

Some mirrors are designated "Type A Servers". These servers must be able to host at minium:

In order to be considered a Type A Server, there are also the following requirements:

  • minimum 20 megabits bandwidth
  • A RAID array
  • Enough space to hold at least the four datasets specified above
  • Shell access (user)
  • A File system that can handle Millions of files (We use ReiserFS and UFS)

Also preferred are the following:

  • A server dedicated to World Wind's use
  • 24x7 on site staff
  • Extra space is preferred for extra data
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