Kyocera KR1

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The Kyocera KR1 is an EVDO router. The reason it is so awesome for geographical purposes is that the router has two special features:

  1. It has a serial port.
  2. It runs Linux


Other features


  • Saving across reboots is problematic (but can't you store the info online?)
  • DLink and/or their minions did evil things to the serial and USB layers of the Linux kernel (probably why you can only change the baud rate, or maybe open the diagnostic serial port only once).
  • Should be GPLed, but where is the source code? (see D-link vs. the GPL)
  • the existing firmware has all kinds of junk leftover that would support it had they left usb-storage in - SCSI is there! you could connect a USB CD or DVD


What this means is that it's possible, and people have already done this, to modify the firmware and run gpsd on the system, a la StompBox. (thread with link to firmware download)

(*) Upload the data you generate to Wikiteer and share it with the world. Need to consider how to lessen the privacy issues, though.

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