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The Wisconsin Region is one of BBYO's strongest regions. Based at the JCC of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Region is especially known for Judaic programs as well as strong representation at international events.

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Regional Board 2016-2017

-Godol: Jordan Kolsky (Solomon -S'gan: Daniel Glazer (Solomon) -Moreh: Josh Lookatch (Solomon) -Shaliach: Seth Friedman (Nivayim) -Mazkir: Josh Glazer (Nivayim) -Gizbor: Adam Sadoff (Solomon) -Kohane Godol: Daniel Zvi (Bereshis)

Regional Board 2015-2016

-Godol: Daniel Zvi (Bereshis) -S'gan: Jordan Kolsky (Solomon) -Moreh: David Berman (Bereshis) -Shaliach: Jake Stein (Heifetz) -Mazkir: Seth Eiseman (Solomon) -Gizbor: Sam Scribner (Nivayim) -Kohane Godol: Aaron Glazer (Bereshis)

-N'siah: Ilana Friedman (Ahavah) -S'ganit: Sydney Stelzer (Eden) -Mit Mom: Erin Watton (Ahavah) -Sh'licha: Rosie Goodman (Eden) -Mazkirah: Carly Rubin (B'sheret) -Gizborit: Lizzie Detullio (Heifetz) -Madricha: Hilary Miller (Eden)

Regional Board 2014-2015

-Godol: Aaron Glazer (Bereshis) -S'gan: Matt Levy (Solomon) -Moreh: Zev Woskoff (Solomon) -Shaliach: Daniel Zvi (Bereshis) -Mazkir: Sam Scribner (Nivayim) -Gizbor: Brad Sadoff (Solomon) -Kohane Godol: Ryan Brink (Bereshis)

-N'siah: Hilary Miller (Eden) -S'ganit: Jane Feldmesser (Ahavah) -Mit Mom: Ellee Sinykin (Eden) -Sh'licha: Lauren Silber (Ahavah) -Mazkirah: Allie Marcus (B'sheret) -Gizborit: Hannah Paley (Eden) -Madricha: Molly Kazan (Eden)

Regional Board 2013-2014

-Godol: Ryan Brink (Bereshis) -S'gan: Sam Moser (Nivayim) -Moreh: Ben Steigman (Solomon) -Shaliach: Zev Woskoff (Solomon) -Mazkir: Aaron Glazer (Bereshis) -Gizbor: Avi Greenspan (Bereshis) -Kohane Godol: Gabe Jacobs (Bereshis)

-N'siah: Molly Kazan (Eden) -S'ganit: Andi Heffez (Eden) -Mit Mom: Eva Schwarz (B'sheret) -Sh'licha: Hannah Sprung (B'sheret) -Mazkirah: Sara Miller (Eden) -Gizborit: Hilary Miller (Eden) -Madricha: Talia Berman (Ahavah)

Regional Board 2012-2013

-Godol: Gabe Jacobs (Bereshis) -S'gan: Ben Henken (Nivayim) -Moreh: Brad Honigberg (Solomon) -Shaliach: Avi Greenspan (Bereshis) -Mazkir: Sam Moser (Nivayim) -Gizbor: Ryan Brink (Bereshis) -Kohane Godol: Zach Rosen (Bereshis)

-N'siah: Talia Berman (Ahavah) -S'ganit: Micki Bear (B'sheret) -Mit Mom: Oren Sasson (Eden) -Shlicha: Anya Vlasoff (Ra'anan) -Mazkirah: Jessie Bekker (Ra'anan) -Madricha: Michelle Shtievelberg (Ahavah)

Regional Board 2010-2012

-Godol: Zach Rosen (Bereshis) -S'gan: Gary Karagodsky (Solomon) -Moreh: Jake Kupferman (Bereshis) -Shaliach: David Rechavel (Genesis) -Mazkir: David Hermanoff (Genesis) -Gizbor: Gabe Jacobs (Bereshis) -Kohane Godol: David Urintsev (Bereshis)

-N'siah: Michelle Shtivelberg (Ahavah) -S'ganit: Melissa Margolis (B'sheret) -Mit Mom: Erin Miller (Eden) -Sh'licha: Zoe Russek (Ra'anan) -Mazkirah: Jodi Stern (Ahavah) -Gizborit: Elyce Heffez (Eden) -Madricha: Sadie Teper (Ra'anan)

Regional Board 2009-2010

-Godol: David Urintsev (Bereshis) -S'gan: Sam Cherny (Genesis) -Moreh: Andy Zolot (Solomon) -Shaliach: Jake Kupferman (Bereshis) -Mazkir: Zach Rosen (Bereshis) -Gizbor: Jordan Schack (Solomon) -Kohane Godol: Michael Voloshin (Solomon)

-N'siah: Sadie Teper (Ra'anan) -S'ganit: Mollie Berger (B'sheret) -Mit Mom: Ariel Zangwill (B'sheret) -Sh'licha: Becca Shertok (Ra'anan) -Mazkirah: Amy Hurwitz (Ra'anan) -Gizborit: Robin Lieberman (Ra'anan) -Madricha: Natanya Russek (Ra'anan)

Regional Board 2008-2009

-Godol: Michael Voloshin (Solomon) -S'gan: Keith Lewis (Solomon) -Moreh: Ron Germanski (Bereshis) -Shaliach: Ben Rechavel (Genesis) -Mazkir: David Urintsev (Bereshis) -Gizbor: Nathan Redlich (Genesis) -Kohane Godol: Gabe Colton (Solomon)

-N'siah: Natanya Russek (Ra'anan) -S'ganit: Sadie Teper (Ra'anan) -Mit Mom: Hannah Bern (Ahavah) -Sh'licha: Robin Lieberman (Ra'anan) -Mazkirah: Rachelle Brick (Eden) -Gizborit: Amy Hurwitz (Ra'anan) -Madricha: Lily Rotter (Eden)

Why Wisconsin Region is Special

Wisconsin Region has a few peculiarities. Some of them are listed below. -Wisconsin Region is the only region that has a weekly "oneg." Oneg is an event held every Friday after school at the BBYO offices inside the JCC. The traditional Shabbat blessings are said, and Alephs and BBGs have a chance to hang out together. -Wisconsin Region is the only region that repeats the phrase "for us" in birkat ha'mazon due to a typo in a printout years ago. In Wisconsin, the English portion of the prayer is said, "May G-d who makes peace in high places make peace for us, for us, for all Israel, and for all humanity. -WON THE IC 2015 SPIRIT GAVEL!!!

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