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The St. Louis Council BBYO, known to some as Gateway to the West Council, a part of Mid-America Region #1, is focused in and around the St. Louis JCCs. Chapters go there for meetings every Tuesday night, and chapters often have programming on these nights.

On the AZA side, Esperanto AZA #2486 (not Leviticus) as well as Albert Einstein AZA #1287 and the recently chartered Ya'ad AZA #5027 represent this community.

On the BBG side, Shira BBG #2172 is also pertinent to St. Louis, and is the home of Gabby Mesnier, the 70th International Aym HaChaverot.

In the year 2013-2014, Mesnier and Gabe Raskin served as the Regional Presidents, leading the region to a firm place in the International Order. As a part of MAR, they are credited with the 2014 Spirit Cup.

Upon their leaving, Sam Kahn of Esperanto AZA #2486 took the throne at Godol and Michelle Koverman of Yachad BBG at N'siah. During his tenure, Kahn lifted St. Louis into a new zone. They became the first region in the Order to hit a membership goal, hitting it prior to IC and receiving recognition there, strengthened each chapter, and created new initiatives and ideas in the region. Kahn is unanimously known as the strongest Godol to walk through St. Louis. Koverman did her part too, and then passed down the throne to her sister, Simona, for the 2015-16 year.

Kahn passed the throne to Max Baron of Esperanto, who led the Council through 2015-2016. Baron also coordinated CLTC 2 2016.

After graduating, Max Baron left the throne to Brandon Bleyer of Albert Einstein, and Simona to Emma Barnes of Shira who led the Council through 2016-2017.

Going on to the University of Chicago and the University of Missouri at Columbia respectively, Bleyer and Barnes left the Council in the hands of Andrew Mannis of Esperanto and Sophie Baron of Shira (Max's sister).

For the 2018-2019 year, the thrones were passed on to Grayson Sosnoff of Esperanto and Tali Gorodetsky of Shira.

Ethan Fine of Esperanto and Kaitlyn Goldstein of Esperanto and Shira, respectively led the Council in from 2019 to 2020.

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