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Or Chadash BBG #2528 is an amazing BBG chapter in Nova Council. We have 66 members from Arlington, Falls Church, and Alexandria. We are currently the largest BBG chapter in Nova Council.

Chapter colors: Pink and green Mascot: Alien Song: Hey You There Brother Chapter: Madlik AZA


[edit] Current Executive Board

[edit] History

Founded mainly by Rachel Reiter, a former member and N'siah of Masada BBG #2103 in 2008, as a New Light in NoVA BBG. Or Chadash's graduating class of 2013 formed the chapters personality and made us well know throughout the order, especially Rosie Lenoff, Drew Sigman, and Sally Watts.

Executive Boards:

[edit] Fall 2019 / 20th Board

[edit] Spring 2019 / 19th Board

[edit] Fall 2018 / 18th Board

[edit] Spring 2018 / 17th Board

[edit] Fall 2017 / 16th Board

[edit] Spring 2017 / 15th Board

[edit] Fall 2016 / 14th Board

[edit] Spring 2016 / 13th Board

[edit] Fall 2015/ 12th Board

[edit] Spring 2015 / 11th Board

[edit] Fall 2014 / 10th Term

[edit] Spring 2014 / 9th Term

[edit] Fall 2013 / 8th Term

[edit] Spring 2013 / 7th Term

[edit] Fall 2012 / 6th Term

[edit] Spring 2012 / 5th Term

[edit] Fall 2011 / 4th Term

[edit] Spring 2011 / 3rd Term

At this stage Or Chadash was still a young chapter, the board served for two terms (a full fiscal year):

[edit] Fall 2010/ 2nd Term

[edit] 2009 / 1st Term

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