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North Texas Oklahoma Region (NTO) was established in 1985, after the renowned Texoma Region split. As one of the five largest BBYO regions in the international order, NTO boasts members in Texas from the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, as well as from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The region is structured on two councils: Dallas Council BBYO and K'lal Council. NTO's mascot is the penguin, its colors are maroon and gray, and its number is #74.


[edit] Chapters

[edit] AZA

[edit] David Berger AZA #2059 (Dallas, TX)

Home of the silver and blue broncos and Hannah Sweetheart

[edit] Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932 (Dallas, TX)

Home of the red and black bulls and Rachel Sweetheart

Record for most injuries in a flag football season, 2003

B team football and basketball champions, 2003

NTO Best Chapter 2011

Henry Monsky Award 2012-2013

NTO Best Chapter 2013

AZAA champions 2014

Best AIT Class 2015

[edit] Feenberg-Rubin AZA #276 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Home of the blue and white playboy bunnies and Paige Sweetheart

[edit] Rubin Kaplan AZA #841

kinda highkey sucks Home of the red and white kangaroos and Jaxie Sweetheart

[edit] Eamonn Lacey AZA #1872

Home of the green and black vipers and Heather Sweetheart Most Improved Chapter 2014 Best Chapter 2015

[edit] Morton Lewis AZA #135

Home of the green and yellow turtles and Yahli 😍 Sweetheart

Lewis has the ugliest boys, the most fun, and the coolest programs.

Great chapter in every aspect!!

I have never seen more passionate boys

They love everyone!

[edit] Henry Monsky AZA #791

Home of the blue and gold monkeys and Alexa Sweetheart

[edit] Rubin Gilbert AZA #163 (Fort Worth, TX)

Home of the green and white frogs and Jodi Sweetheart

[edit] BBG

[edit] Sally Blum BBG #1924

Home of the purple and silver dinos and Yoav Beau COOLEST GIRLS IN NTO!

[edit] Judy Kravitz BBG #1219

Home of the orange and white lions and Alec Beau. We won Best Chapter 2016 and 2017!

[edit] Fannie Sablosky BBG #396

Home of the blue and black raggedy ann dolls and Hayes Beau Winner of Best BBG Chapter Regionals 2015 Were sablowsky😏😉

[edit] Nona Bloch Salomon BBG #243

Home of the green and yellow frogs and Nathan Beau

[edit] Reba Wadel BBG #349

Home of the aqua and white bunnies and Gavin Beau

[edit] Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604

Home of the red and blue teddy bears and Roy Beau

Home of people that give their credit card numbers to scammers!

10/10 Best Chapter Ever.

[edit] Jennie Zesmer BBG #300


[edit] Current 36th Regional Board

[edit] AZA

Godol - Blake Silver, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
S'gan - Jason Bodzy, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Moreh - Jaden Baumel, Morton A. Lewis AZA #135
Shaliach - Ryan Kassanoff, Eamonn Lacey AZA #1872
Mazkir - Seth Kassanoff, Eamonn Lacey AZA #1872
Gizbor - Noah Feldman, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
Mekasher - Nik Krasovitsky, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841

[edit] BBG

N'siah - Yael Schueller, Sally Blum BBG #1924
S'ganit - Rachel London, Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
MIT Mom - Lily Shane, Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
Shlicha - Alexa Gotsdiner, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
Mazkirah - Sophie Schochet, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
Gizborit - Orly Cohen, Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
Mekasheret - Ellie Lazarow, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604

[edit] Past Regional Boards

[edit] 27th Regional Board

[edit] AZA

Godol-Jacob Schnitzer, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
S'gan-Adam Brimer, Feenburg-Rubin AZA #276
Moreh-Ethan Galanter, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
Shaliach-Alex Berger, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
Mazkir-Brandon Mond, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
Gizbor-Joel Sands, Morton Lewis AZA #135

[edit] BBG

N'siah- Kara Simon, Jennie Zesmer BBG #300
S'ganit- Erica Halpern, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
MIT Mom- Ashley Cuevas, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
Sh'licha- Nicole Joison, Jennie Zesmer BBG #300
Mazkirah- Lindsay Kehlmann, Jennie Zesmer BBG #300
Gizborit- Halley Weitzman, Reba Wadel BBG #349
Orechet- Emily Englander, Alton Silver BBG #221

[edit] 28th Regional Board

[edit] AZA

Godol - Mika Stein, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
S'gan - Daniel Rosenfield, Louis D. Brandeis #932
Moreh - Max Schnitzer, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Shaliach - Benjamin Sheppard, David Berger AZA #2059
Mazkir - Cody Strull, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Gizbor - Elie Allen, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Sopher - Jonathan Hyman, Feenberg-Rubin AZA #276

[edit] BBG

N'siah - Lindsay Rawitscher, Jennie Zesmer BBG #300
S'ganit - Jamie Weiss, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
MIT Mom - Sarah Shor, Jennie Zesmer BBG #300
S'hlicha - Clara Moskowitz, Jennie Zesmer BBG #300
Mazkirah - Remy Fine, Judy Kravitz #1219
Gizborit - Rachel Prengler, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
Orechet - Alex Morris, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604

[edit] 29th Regional Board

[edit] AZA

Godol - Michael Vivier, Morton Lewis AZA #135
S'gan - Ben Weinberg, Eamonn Lacey AZA #1872
Moreh - Mitchell Morris, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Shaliach - Gary Levine, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Mazkir - Jacob Feist, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Gizbor - Lee Allen, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Sopher - Zach Harmon, David Berger AZA #2059

[edit] BBG

N'siah - Allie Schlosser, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
S'ganit - Rachel Simon, Jennie Zezmer BBG #300
MIT Mom - Paulina Simon, Jennie Zezmer BBG #300
Shlicha - Carolyn San Soucie, Jennie Zezmer BBG #300
Mazkirah - Jordan Intebi, Reba Wadel BBG #349
Gizborit - Jamie Newman, Nona Bloch Solman #243
Orechet - Elizabeth Kaner, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604

[edit] 30th Regional Board

[edit] AZA

Godol - Jacob Herstein, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
S'gan - Adam Konig, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Moreh - Adam Singer, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Shaliach - Scott Lacritz, Henry Monsky AZA #791
Mazkir - Jason Shindler, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
Gizbor - Braaden Fineberg, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932

[edit] BBG

N'siah - Alexis Prager, Fannie Sablosky #396
S'ganit - Lindsay Rubin, Jennie Zezmer BBG #300
MIT Mom - Sarah Weprin, Jennie Zezmer BBG #300
Shlicha - Zoe Finer, Nona Bloch Soloman #243
Mazkirah - Lexi Ray, Jennie Zesmer BBG #300
Gizborit - Rachel Dow, Nona Bloch Solman #243

[edit] 32nd Regional Board

[edit] AZA

Godol - Jonathon Nurko, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
S'gan - Zach Epstein, Morton A. Lewis AZA #135
Moreh - Zach Starr, Eamonn Lacey AZA #1872
Shaliach - Sammy Zoller, Henry Monsky AZA #791
Mekasher- Issac Narret, Morton A. Lewis AZA #135
Mazkir -Brian Kaner, Henry Monsky AZA #791
Gizbor - Ryan Yablonsky, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932

[edit] BBG

N'siah - Isabell Middleman Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
S'ganit - Eliana Schuller, Reba Wadel BBG #349
MIT Mom - Jenna Katz, Judy Kravitz BBG #1219
Shlicha - Lindsay Blum,
Mekasheret - Rayna Saltzman, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
Mazkirah - Natalie Weisman, Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
Gizborit - Zoe Weinstein, Nona Bloch Solman #243

[edit] 33rd Regional Board

[edit] AZA

Godol - Zachary Denn, Morton A. Lewis AZA #135
S'gan - Ben Collins, Louis D. Brandeis AZA #932
Moreh - Brett Steinberg, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Shaliach - Ben Levkovich, Morton A. Lewis AZA #135
Mekasher- Chandler Kassel, Morton A. Lewis AZA #135
Mazkir -Jacob Richman, David Berger AZA #2059
Gizbor - MILLLLLEEEEEEEERRRRR, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841

[edit] BBG

N'siah - Vanessa Tanur, Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
S'ganit - Carly Hacker, Reba Wadel BBG #349
MIT Mom - Jennifer Greenspan, Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
Shlicha - Sophia Fineberg, Judy Kravitz BBG #1219
Mekasheret - Heather Kurtzman, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
Mazkirah - Rachel Sasson, Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
Gizborit - Jaxie Pidgeon, Jennie Zesmer BBG #300

[edit] 34th Regional Board

[edit] AZA

Godol - Eli Minsky, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
S'gan (Grand S'gan) - Aidan Jacoby, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Moreh - Michael Balis, Morton A. Lewis AZA #135
Shaliach - Sammy Nurko, Rubin Kaplan AZA #841
Mekasher- Jacob Bakhshian, Louis D. Brandels AZA #932
Mazkir - Clay Fischer, Louis D. Brandels AZA #932
Gizbor - Joey Webb, Eamonn Lacey AZA #1872
Sunshine Girl - Dylan Ratner, David Berger AZA #2059

[edit] BBG

N'siah - Rachel Berkowitz, Judy Kravitz BBG #1219
S'ganit - Victoria Ardelean, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
MIT Mom - Lily Donald, Fannie Sablosky BBG #396
Shlicha - Hannah Dow, Nona Bloch Salomon BBG #243
Mekasheret - Orli Lavi, Sally Blum BBG #1924
Mazkirah - Rachel Blumin, Ginny Weinstein BBG #1604
Gizborit - Lindsey Pidgeon, Jennie Zesmer BBG #300

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