Liviu Librescu AZA

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Liviu Librescu AZA

Liviu Librescu AZA is a chapter of teenage jews ages 14-18 who participate in programs and experiences. It is part of the larger group of BBYO which consists of AZA and BBG.

Created: 2009 Region: NRE (Northern Region East) Council: NoVA (North Virginia) Colors: Blue and Purple Mascot: The Lemur

Named in honor of Liviu Librescu. A professor at Virginia Tech. University. He sacrificed his life in order to save his students in the massacre of 2007. Using his body to block the door he was shot and killed. We remeber his legacy as both a holocaust survivor and a hero in the chapters name.

Advisor: Dave Gettler (2013-present)

Godols: Brandon Hunter, Dalton Echard, Aaron Adler, Ethan Blonder, Noah Smolen, Ari Mont

2011-2012 Fall term board Godol: Ari Mont S'gan: Asa Demolky Moreh: Nathaniel Levinson Mazkir: Josh Kay Gizbor: Noah Smolen

Smoldy and Plotchick are forever and always beast.

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