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This is a list of awesome fan film projects featuring the Joker and Harley Quinn of DC Comics, paying particular attention to stuff that is too awesome to be allowed on Wikipedia's page for "Joker in other media".


[edit] The Joker Blogs

Without a doubt, the most professionally done instance of a Heath Ledger inspired Joker fan film.

[edit] Joker Blogs unofficial spinoffs and imitators

[edit] Harley Quinn's Psycho Therapy

Very violent, very insane version of Harley Quinn.

[edit] Bat in the Sun Productions

They have their own Batman continuity. Their take on the Joker seems to be mostly Mark Hamill with a little Jack Nicholson.

[edit] Blinky Productions

Blinky Productions created the Mr. J series, in a very similar vein to The Joker Blogs as it spins off from the Dark Knight with a Heath Ledger imitator playing the Joker. His makeup is inexcusably bad but he acts the part well.

[edit] Be More Films

They have a Heath Ledger style Joker trilogy of short films.

  • "Born Laughing" - the Joker kills some peoples.
  • "The Hostage" - this is what happens to fans who don't know better than to follow celebrities around LOL
  • "Vengeance with a Smile" - Harley releases the Joker from Arkham and after moving into a new hideout, they attend a party at Commissioner Gordon's house.

[edit] Other stuff

  • "Batman: The Line" - deals with the second Robin (Jason Todd) and his feelings about the Joker before "A Death in the Family."
  • "Batman: Dead End" - Batman confronts the Joker ... who is then kidnapped by an alien out of nowhere!? This is probably the best makeup job we'll ever see for the character.
  • "Tell Gordon Hello" - Joker interrogates a police mole who tried to infiltrate his organization.
  • "Laughter is Everything" - a brief Joker monologue about laughter.
  • "HARLEQUIN: A JOKER FAN FILM" - Joker recruits Harley Quinn.
  • "Bad Joke" - tries to explain a bit of the origins of the Heath Ledger Joker.
  • "ARKHAM" - fake fan-made trailer for a non-existent film about Arkham Asylum.

[edit] Barely good enough

  • "Joker's Asylum - Joker's Wild" - Adaptation of one of the best Joker comics which is the most fun Joker ever had ... without killing anyone. Cheap because fan film which is understandable but what doesn't pass muster even for a fan film is the crappy sound mix. Still, I love the story too much to not include it.
  • "Batman Versus Punisher" - Mostly notable for giving Harley Quinn an interesting mime-like look.

Tune in next time when we'll cover Deadpool fan films!

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