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This is going to be a list of DOS games I like, in the order I want them, along with links to places where you can get them. I'm just adding a bunch of headings for games I like and will add links to where you can get them later.

Still under construction! Feel free to do my work for me and add links to download sites. Just make sure to mention whether your link is for the shareware, freeware or full versions.

You should be able to run these on just about anything with DosBox. If you are running a g3 Pre-Intel Mac, you need this special version of DosBox.


[edit] Games List by Comapny

[edit] id software (Ideas from the Deep)

[edit] Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement

  • DDiCI was the very first side-scrolling PC game of it's kind in the world. Download.

[edit] Commander Keen

The only one that I thought was really good was the shareware episode 4. But it's worth it to take a look at the whole series anyway in case you disagree with me.

[edit] Wolfenstein 3D

[edit] Spear of Destiny

[edit] Blake Stone

[edit] Super Noah's Ark 3D

[edit] DooM

[edit] Chex Quest

[edit] Quake series

See my page on Quake Mods for info on the awesome stuff you can do with the Quake series.

[edit] Epic Megagames

[edit] Jill of the Jungle

[edit] Onesimus; A Quest For Freedom

[edit] Epic Pinball

[edit] One Must Fall 2097

[edit] Jazz Jackrabbit

[edit] Ken's Labyrinth

[edit] Interplay

[edit] Descent

[edit] Descent 2

[edit] Apogee / 3D Realms

[edit] Duke Nukem

  • Duke Nukem 1 - Loved this back in the day. It's a trilogy, and my favorite is the second episode that takes place on the Moon. Interestingly, it re-uses some graphics from MegaMan.
  • Duke Nukem 2 - Good sequel to the original.
  • Duke Nukem 3D - I mainly recommend playing the "Duke it Out in DC" and the "Life's a Beach" mission packs ... the game itself isn't so great.

[edit] Major Stryker

[edit] Wacky Wheels

Wacky Wheels is TEH BEST Mario Kart clone EVER!

[edit] Broderbund

[edit] Stunts

[edit] Disney

[edit] Stunt Island

[edit] Misc other games worth checking out

[edit] The Most Fun Game Ever!

The Most Fun Game Ever is definately NovaTrade's BusyTown. There is no denying this self-evident fact.

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