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  1. Create Your Own Adventure
  2. Kaiserreich is a global Hoi2 mod
  3. Back Yard Wrestling
  4. Herzlich Willkommen im Hanfwiki
  5. Nature of Logic
  6. Online BBYO Database
  7. Croydon Birders
  8. Crusader Kings
  9. The White Stripes


API access added

You can now use the api utility to access content on To do so, simply access:

It will start out by giving you some help and test links to explain how to use it. If you use it for any interesting purposes, let me know.

Page Tagging added

You can now tag pages in wikis, and browse either site wide, or wiki specific tags.

Google Analytics Tracking Added

You can now track the performance of your wiki. Simply go to Control Panel while logged in as Admin and enter your account code from google analytics into the form.

Note: you may need to clear the cache on your wiki to have this work (use the button at the top of the control panel.

Rights controller is back online! (and better than ever)

You can now manipulate the rights of various user groups, and even create new user groups with their very own rights controls!

Just log in as an admin, and click on Control Panel.

Happy Holidays!

Creating a wiki is back online

You can create wikis again on Best of all there is no countdown timer anymore. It happens in less then a second after you post the form!

No Follow Links Are On

After discovering quite a bit of link spam, I have turned on the nofollow feature to prevent any gain in link spamming wikis.

New bug tracking system now uses FogBugz to track bugs. You can access it through the toolbox on the left side of your wiki (you might need to clear the page cache to see it).

Control Panel + Image logo Editing is up

The control panel is up. In it you can now set the logo in the upper left corner of the wiki. You can also add in your own google adsense codes to make money on your wiki.

To go to the control panel, click on the link in the toolbox in the left rail.

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