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Welcome to Wikadelphia

This is a site for Christadelphians to work collaboratively on projects and ideas. Wikis can be edited by anyone, and so a large group of people can contribute to the writing of articles, leaflets, websites, etc. This not only spreads the workload, but also adds balance to the style and content. For the most well-known example of how wikis can work (and also their drawbacks), take a look at Wikipedia.

To find out how to start editing and contributing, click on 'Help' in the left-hand menu.

This wiki was set up and is administered by Richard Benson, Cardiff - Museum Place (UK) ecclesia. Apologies for the adverts at the bottom of the page - these are how the site is paid for.Miscell

Christadelphian Web Directory

This is the main project currently underway on Wikadelphia. Christadelphians have been on the WWW since at least 1994. 13 years on, the Christadelphian presence on the web is a bit of a tangle. Google claims 126,000 hits, but the relevance or accuracy of some of the top rated sites is questionable. Many existing Christadelphian web directories are patchy and/or out of date.

A wiki provides an opportunity to work collaboratively to produce a much more comprehensive, up-to-date directory of Christadelphian websites, which with a little editing and tweaking may serve as the basis for a structured, non-editable Christadelphian directory site.

So, feel free to contribute! Found an interesting site? Want to publicise your ecclesia's website? Please add it in one of the sections below.

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