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[edit] Czech Republic

[edit] Prague

Title: The streets without cars

Date: September 20, 2009

Location: Prague 2, Jugoslavska and Londanska incl. Nam. Miru

Events planned so far: On Sept 20, 2009 entire car traffic will be banned in these places in order to create a car-free zone pleasant and accommodating for pedestrians, kids, pets, cyclists, coffee shops, small restaurants and bistros, performances and YOUR activities /garage sales, used books sales, pet saloons, kids playgrounds etc/ ! We are not going to build large stages for pop stars or/and invite beer and sausage stands. We are interested in small local businesses serving /far trade, organic, shade grown/ coffee/tea on street, street musicians and artists and in YOUR IDEAS how to create our common space with exclusion of cars!

Organizer: The Prague based Auto-Mat association in collaboration with other NGOs, artists, cycling community, ped/ts and Prague citizens

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

Title: Carbusters Fest

Date: September 22, 2009

Location: Bunkr Parukářka in Žižkov, Prague

Events planned so far: Carbusters Magazine is proud to present - as an antidote for you all "Autoholics Anonymous" and courageous Carfree Warriors out there - the after show party of World Carfree Day 09 celebrations CARBUSTERS FEST featuring live music from: Duchess and the Kittens (Soul/Jazz/Blues), White Stones (Rock&Roll/Soul), Plastic Ted (Jazz/Pop), Justin Lavash (Blues/Folk), Terror Incognita (Thrash Metal), DJ Dunstan Clarke (Reggae), DJ Pedro Pires (Electronic) with fun and games on offer: CARnival, Juggling, Bicycle Wheel of Fortune, Eco Action Fashion Show.

Join us on the World Carfree Day celebrations to remind the world that we don't have to accept our car-dominated society!

Organizer: Carbusters together with World Carfree Network, Auto*Mat, Greenpeace CZ, DUHA, Arnika, Nesehnuti, Nadace Partnerství

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

[edit] Estonia

[edit] France

[edit] General

Title: Journée mondiale sans voitures

Date: September 22th

Location: France

Events planned so far: French carfree day

Organizer: Carfree France

Contact name: Marcel

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

Additional comments:

[edit] Paris

Title: Critical Mass

Date: September 22th

Location: Place de l'étoile

Events planned so far: Riding around the triumph arch

Organizer: Vélorution Paris

Contact name: Vélorution

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

Additional comments:

[edit] Grenoble

Title: Liberate this parking !

Date: September 22th, between noon and 2pm

Location: Place Jean Achard

Events planned so far: We will liberate a parking : as soon as the cars will leave their parking places, we will park one bike on it and start living in the free space : live music, apéritif, bagmington, kids games...

Organizer: association uN p'Tit véLo dAnS La Tête

Contact name: top secret

Contact e-mail:

Web address: uN p'Tit véLo dAnS La Tête

Additional comments:

[edit] Germany

[edit] Berlin

Title: CARambolagen "PARK(ing) Day" action

Date: Friday, 18. September 2009, 16pm

Location: vom Mauerpark zum Helmholtplatz

Activities planed so far:CARambolagen startet am Helmholtzplatz an diesem Tag die Kampagne "AG Autofreier Helnholtzplatz"

Web address:

Title: autofrei leben! World Carfree Day

Date: 22/09/2009

Organiser: autofrei leben! e.V., Berlin section

Title: Aktionstag "Zu Fuss zur Schule und zum Kindergarten - Mobil ohne Auto"

Date: 22. September 2008

Organizer: Arbeitskreis Mobilitätserziehung Berlin (ADFC-Berlin; Fuss e.V.; BUND-Berlin; Per Pedes; VCD-Nordost e.V.)

Contact e-mail:;;

Web address: [1]

[edit] Munich

Title: Streetlife-Festival

Date: 12-13 September 2009

Web address & contacts:

Title: PARK(ing) DAY

Date: 18. September 2009

Location: Tal, Munich

Actions planed so far:17 Parkplätze werden am Aktionstag in PARKs, Ausstellungsräume, Leseecken und Lounges verwandelt.

Organizer: Green City e.V.

Web address & contacts:

[edit] Greece

[edit] Hungary

[edit] Budapest

Title: Critical Mass Budapest

Date: 22 September 2009

Location: Town Hall (near Deák Ferenc Square)

Events planned so far: demonstrating around the town hall, then cycling in town, returning and hold-up :)

Web address: [2]

[edit] Iceland

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[edit] Latvia

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[edit] Luxembourg

[edit] Macedonia

[edit] Malta

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[edit] Monaco

[edit] Montenegro

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[edit] Poland

[edit] Portugal

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[edit] Russia

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[edit] Serbia

Date: 22 September. 10:00am - 1:00pm

Location: Novi Sad

Events planned so far: bike ride across the city, press-conference in City hall, Round table discusion about cycling in Novi Sad and current problems and solutions.

Organizer: Cycling club "Novi Sad" ^ City of Novi Sad

Web address:

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[edit] Spain

[edit] Basque Country


Title: Car free day event

Date: Tuesday, September 22nd

Location: In front of La Perla (on Paseo de la Concha)

Events planned so far: In recognition of “World Carfree Day”, Kalapie, the Urban Cyclists Association of San Sebastian, is going to offer snacks and bicycle bells to all urban cyclists, between 17:00 and 20:00. Open invitation to all cyclists.

Organizer: KALAPIE, the Urban Cyclists Association of San Sebastian

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

[edit] Sweden

On the 22th of september 2009 the Swedish environmental action group Klimax, the 40 years old environmental and urban planning organization Alternativ Stad (=Alternative City) and the public transport activists in are creating a car free zone in the center of Stockholm. The action is also a protest against all the new road projects like Förbifart Stockholm and Södertörnsleden which are planned in the Stockholm area. Our demand is investments in public transport instead of more crazy road projects!

Time and localisation for the action is 22/9, shortly before 5 PM at the crossroad of Sergels torg and Hamngatan in the center of Stockholm.

Join us! Together we create a social space without noise and air pollusion!

[edit] Switzerland

[edit] Geneva

Title: Journée Sans Voiture : CycloParade & Parking Day

Date: 22/09/09

Location: Place du Cirque

Events planned so far: CycloParade : RDV Pl. du Cirque 17h • Depart 17h15, ParkingDay : Pl. du Cirque 18h

Organizer: ROC - Reseau Objection de Croissance

Contact e-mail: Thibault Schneeberger,

Web address:

[edit] Zurich

Title: Velodemo 2009

Date: 22 September

Location: Buerkliplatz, Zurich

Events planned so far: Demonstration by bike trough the city

Organizer: Junge Gruene

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

[edit] Ukraine

[edit] Irpin

Title: CarFree day in Irpin'

Date: 20.09.09

Location: Shenchenko sqr - town streets - forest. Town of Irpin', Kyivska region, Ukraine

Events planned so far: 1. Ceremonial part - music, greetings, speaches, officials, leaflets 2. Bike-parade 3. Cross-country competition at forest

Organizer: JC Bike Club & "Irpins'kyi velorukh" (Irpin' Cycling Movement)

Contact person: Yuliya Makliuk

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

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[edit] United Kingdom

[edit] Brighton

Title: Car Free Day - Streets for People

Date: Sunday 20 September 12:00 to 17:00

Location: The Lanes, New Road, Jubilee Street and Jubilee Square

Events planned so far: The Lanes, New Road, Jubilee Street and Jubilee Square will be transformed into pedestrian friendly spaces with live music, performances and activities for everyone to enjoy. We're creating a unique 'forest' in the Lanes and encouraging people to walk, cycle and get the bus to this annual free event. Free rickshaw rides along the seafront. Bicycle Alley. Woodland music stage. Poet Tree on New Road and much more.

Organizer: Brighton & Hove City Council

Contact name:

Contact e-mail:

Web address: Journey On

Title: Streets For People Party

Date: Sunday 20 September 13:00 to 17:00

Location: Edinburgh Road and Community Garden, off Lewes Road

Events planned so far: The Lewes Road Streets For People Party will celebrate the launch of the new 'Lewes Road for Clean Air' campaign, and takes place in the Community Garden and Edinburgh Road, which will be closed to traffic. There'll be live music, market stalls, cakes, kids' activities, exhibitions, free Park & Ride and wacky cycle races. It costs nothing to set up a stall - though donations to our group are appreciated and encouraged! - and we'd love YOU to be there! Bring your bric-a-brac, baked goods, art, organically grown plants/vegetables, holistic therapies, energy-efficient inventions and anything else you'd like to sell at this uplifting, eco-friendly event.

Organizer: The Triangle Community Group

Contact e-mail: Contact page

Web address: Triangle Community Group

Title: Picnic Walk back through 65 million years

Date: Tuesday, September 22nd, 11am

Location: Meet at the Brighton Marina Bus Stop at 11am (buses 7, 21, 25c, 47, 52 stop here)

Events planned so far: A family friendly (buggy) short linear stroll along the 65 million year old undercliff to Rottingdean. Picnic on beach, pubs or tea rooms at end.

Organizer: South Downs Society

Contact name: Jacquetta Fewster

Contact e-mail: downsmen-d @

Web address: South Downs Society

Additional comments: Family friendly (buggy) short walk. Linear stroll along 65 million year old undercliff to Rottingdean. Picnic on beach, pubs or tea rooms at end.


Date: Sunday 20 September, 12:30-14:00

Location: Meet 12:30 for 13:00 start, at the Peace Statue (on seafront by Hove Lawns, south of Waterloo Street BN3 1AQ). Map link: Multimap

Events planned so far: Share the joys of pedal power and mass cycling and bogying on a bike with some of the city's wackiest cycles, including tall bikes, long bikes, unicycles, trikes and trailers on a tour of city 'Streets For People' sites*. Route includes a circuit of the Vogue Gyratory - one of Brighton's notorious car-crazy pollution hot-spots. Finish 14:00-ish at Lewes Road Community Garden, for start of Lewes Rd Street Party & Market, plus launch of Lewes Road For Clean Air campaign. Bring colour, music and your favourite wheels. Get on yer bike, join in and be the critical mass!

A people power PARK & RIDE service is being run by volunteers (with the Big Lemon Bus Company) to keep traffic off the Lewes Road and out of the city. We'll be waving cars off the Lewes Road at Brighton University's Mithras House car park and running free buses every 15 minutes to the Old Steine. If you can help to steward this, we could do with some more help from 2-4 or 4-6pm. More info at the Lewes Road Community Garden or contact Becky - 07809-723743.

Web address:

[edit] Bristol

Title: Spoke'n'Chain Cinema

Date: Saturday 19/20 September 19:30 to 23:00

Location Sparke Evans Park St,Phillips Greenway, Outdoor Screening and the Cube Cinema

Events Planned So Far: At the Streets Alive event in Corn Street when the streets are transformed into carfree zone, Spoke'n'Chain will be there with their Carnival Bicycles, meet at Castle Park end of Bristol Bridge to follow the b-bike-a-lula to an outdoor screening of

[Veer] a full-length documentary about the ever unfolding road map of underground bike culture in America, the fastest growing revolution in the world

'Re~Cycle - The Journey of the Mighty Bike' a short documentary about 30,000 unwanted bicycles that have been collected and repaired by Re~Cycle volunteers and sent to Africa.

'One Thing After Another'. a short animation featuring a man on a bicycle

Spazrammer live bicycle powered microrave

Come on a bicycle and light them up for the ride home

For details map etc.. go to

Programme will be repeated at the Cube Cinema on Sunday night with special guesta Climate Rush Roadshow.

Organiser Spoke'n'Chain

Contact NameKevin Dennid

Contact e-mail

Web Address

Monday 21st 5pm City Centre by the fountains there will be Critical Mass ride as part of world climate wake-up call

[edit] Chichester

Title: Go Car Free

Date: September 2009


Events planned so far: European Mobility Week and International / World Car Free Day take place in September 2009 and Chichester District Council is encouraging everyone to leave their cars at home and walk or use public transport. You will have no carbon footprint, have a breath of fresh air, get the blood flowing and feel better in both health and knowledge that you're not adding to the air pollutants in your area.

Organizer: Chichester District Council

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

[edit] Edinburgh

Title: Park your bike - not your car!


Location: Davidsons Mains Primary School, Corbiehill Road, Edinburgh

Events planned so far: Walk or cycle to school for the day. Adult-led cycle train into school along local cycle path. Win stickers and goodies!


Contact e-mail:

Web address:

Title: Cycling to school


Location: Wester Drylaw Drive Edinburgh (national cycle network Route no 1 north edinburgh)

Events planned so far: This is an event to promote safe travel routes to school for local children around Davidsons Mains/Silverknowes and Drylaw, using the National Cycle Network and adult let cycle train. Cycling to Davidsons Mains primary school using local cycle path not taking car along main roads


Contact e-mail:

Web address:

[edit] Inverness

Title: Encourage car share, cycling and walking


Location: School and business car parks will be restricted to the private car

Events planned so far: Cycling lessons, road share demonstrations. Electric vehicle re-charge station

Organizer: Transport Development, The Old School House, Station Road, Ardersier. GB-IV2 7HG Inverness, +44 07765212608

Contact person: Mr Jim McCreath

Web address:

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[edit] Kidderminster

Title: 2 wheels rather than 4


Location: Road closure in action on the 19th of September all day on Worcester Street up to Bromsgrove Street and New Road junction

Events planned so far: Reducing landfill through salvaging clothing. Using fuel efficient transport, 2 wheels rather than 4. Scooter ralley, vintage clothes market and reclaim your clothes workshops. Italian slow food market.

Organizer: Health & Sustainability, Duke House, Clensmore Street GB-DY10 2JX Worcester, +44 01562 732572

Contact person: Ms Elaine Halford-Bishop

Web address:

[edit] London

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[edit] Richmond

Title: Smarter Travel Richmond upon Thames programme


Location: Richmond High Street, Richmond upon Thames

Events planned so far: A roadshow will be set up with three toblerone style stalls on walking, cycling and public transport. This event is being run as part of the Smarter Travel Richmond upon Thames programme. A 3 year programme run in partnership with Transport for London and Richmond Council. More information is available on the website. Expert staff will be present to engage with the public, plan personalised journeys for them without their cars and advice, support and incentives will be given to people to try greener travel options when they can. Pledges will be taken and various discounts and schemes will be promoted.

Organizer: Transport for London, Richmond Council

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

[edit] Westminster

Title: Creation or enlargement of pedestrian areas in Westminster


Location: to be confirmed...

Events planned so far: Road closure to promote the climate change requirements with interactive exhibitions on cycling, walking, electric vehicles and healthy lifestyle. Will also support a nerly developed streetscape improvement scheme. Public exhibitions on wayfinding for pedestrians and cyclists. Bike checks and promotional interactive exhibitions on climate change and looking after the planet.

Organizer: Transportation department, Westminster City Hall 64 Victoria Street, GB-SW1E 6QP London

Contact person: Mr Peter Wilson

Web address:

[edit] Luton

Title: New 20 mph zones, cycle paths, bus lanes, traffic calming measures



Events planned so far: Exhibition to promote / celebrate the implementation of permanant measures to enable transport mode transfer. The exhibition would include practical activities such as bike checks and security coding for bikes. The exhibition would promote awareness of sustainable travel schemes in Luton such as new designs to integrate rail, bus, cycling and walking within the town centre and also health walks, cycle training and cycle to work schemes.

Organizer: Environment & Regeneration, Town Hall GB-LU1 2BQ Luton, +44 01582 546152

Contact person: Ms Vivien Bray

Web address:

[edit] Manchester Trafford

Title: Launch of Walking journey planner



Events planned so far: Local and staff events including, commuter cycle rides, information events about Air Quality, launch of walking journey planner

Organizer: Environment Strategy, Level 2 Sale Waterside, Waterside House, GB-M33 7ZF Sale, +44 161 912 4312

Contact person: Ms Filipina Moore

Web address:

[edit] North Yorkshire

[edit] Harrogate

Title: Free Bike Hire

Date: 22 September 2009

Location: Harrogate Railway Station between 7.00am - 6.30pm

Events planned so far: Why not jump off the train on 22nd September and hire a bicycle to complete your journey or simply to get around town - all free!

This ‘Ride and Pedal’ scheme offers great opportunities not to use your car. Bicycles can be collected and returned to Harrogate Railway Station between 7.00am - 6.30pm.

Organizer: committee in partnership with Northern Rail, NYCC and the Rotary Club of Harrogate

Contact : Neil Jameson -

Web address:

Additional comments:We have organised several events for the day and various partners are also doing the same [Visit Partner Activities]. Our events include:

Now shall I walk or shall I ride? "Ride," Pleasure said: "Walk," Joy replied. ~W.H. Davies

Bike Ride through Town, 5pm Join our bike ride through town, starting at Harrogate College (leaving 5.30pm) and ending at St Peter’s Church. All ages welcomed as stewards will be available. Route is Rayleigh Road, Hamilton Avenue, Warwick, Crescent, St. James Drive, Stray Rein, South Park Road, Victoria Avenue, Station Parade, West Park, Prospect Crescent, ending at St. Peter’s Church.

Over 90 people participated in last years and we hoping for more this year!

Planning an event yourselves, then let us know via

Free Early Breakfast for Bus Commuters at the Bus Station, first thing in the morning.

Educational Car in Schools Schools will be receiving a visit from North Yorkshire County Council’s Road Safety and Travelwise modified car, which contains a laptop computer, a television – and a number of moving dummies with thought-bubbles promoting the benefits of walking rather than using the car. The car is designed to make people think about how they travel.

Free Bike Hire on the day

You can register to hire a free bike on the day which can be collected and returned from Harrogate Railway Station.

Free Bus Tickets

Transdev Harrogate & District are giving away free day tickets. See Special Offers for further details.

[edit] Oxford

Title: Carfree Oxford

Date: 22 September 2009

Location: Little Clarendon Street Oxford

Events planned so far: Closing a part of Little Clarendon Street, in the heart of town, from 10 am to 3 pm. Oxford's Bike Bell Orchestra // Bike Doctor // Poetry for kids // Breakfast and Snacks will be served by local shops at a lower price

Organizer: Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford // Oxford Cycle Workshop

Contact e-mail: // //

Web address:

[edit] Stoke-on-Trent

Title: Carfree events

Date: 22 September

Location: all across the city

Events planned so far: This year's approach to Car Free day is as an educational marketing campaign targeting local employers and commuters about the ease and eco-friendliness of using alternative, sustainable modes of transport culminating in an event in the city centre on 22 September 2009.

Business and schools will be invited to take support the campaign and will be able to offer staff a special ticket offering �£1 unlmited bus travel in the city on 22 September.

There will be a series of pre Car Free Day events in the city centre leading up to the 22 September to get the general public and families involved.

On the day there will be an exhibition in the city centre including a car in a skip, information about green transport including a prescence from the Cycle Stoke team.

Organizer: North Staffordshire Regeneration Partnership, Transport Planning Group, Civic Centre, Glebe Street GB-ST4 1RF Stoke-on-Trent, +44 01782 234964

Contact person: Ms Gillian Cale

Web address:

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[edit] Woking

Title: Events for Cyclists and pedestrians

Date: 22 September


Events planned so far: The day will involve Cycling for Year 2 pupils, Pedestrian training for Year 1,3,4 as well as cycling events held in schools and across the borough of Woking. In addition new cycle shelters will be opened in schools and the town centre

Organizer: Safe And Smarter Travel, Grosvenor House London Square London Road Guildford, GB-GU1 1FA Guildford, +44 01483-519147

Contact person: Mr Roland Seber

Web address:

[edit] York

Title: People Park not Car Park

Date: 22 September

Location: Lawrence Street, York

Events planned so far: Turf over a car parking space and transform it into a mini park for people. 8am, picnic breakfast.

Organizer: John, Ivana, Candy and York In Transition

Contact person: John Cossham

Contact e-mail:

Web address:

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