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Title: name of event



Events planned so far:

Organiser: Mr. Car Free

Contact person:

Contact e-mail:

Web address: World Carfree Network


[edit] Austria

more at

[edit] Wolkersdorf

AUTOFREI 18.September 2010

mehr unter

[edit] Vienna

Rasen am Ring

Date: 22.9., 2-6pm

Location: Burgring/Burgtor

Lawn on one of the big streets of Vienna

Web address: IG Fahrrad

[edit] Graz

[edit] Bosnia and Herzegovina

[edit] Banja Luka

[edit] Croatia

[edit] Zagreb

Performance action highlighting Zagreb's lack of transport strategy

Date: 21.9.10

Location: City Council, Zagreb

Web address: Zelena Akcija

[edit] Cyprus

[edit] Limassol

[edit] Czech Republic

[edit] Prague

[edit] Estonia

[edit] France

[edit] Paris

[edit] Grenoble

[edit] Germany

[edit] Berlin

[edit] Bremen

Title: Autofreier Sonntag

Date: Sunday 5 September 2010

Location: within city ring

Activities planed so far:

Web address: Autofreier Bremen

[edit] Munich

[edit] Neckar: Horb area

Title: Mobil ohne Auto

Date: Sunday 19 September 2010

Location: Sulz-Horb-Rottenburg

Activities planed so far: Neckar-Erlebnis-Tal: 50 km of roads closed for motorised traffic, allowing walkers, cyclists and inline skaters to enjoy this lovely part of Baden Wuerttemberg. Many events in towns along the route, plus special trains with additional space for bikes.

Web address: Neckar-Erlebnis-Tal

[edit] Greece

[edit] Hungary

[edit] Budapest

[edit] Iceland

[edit] Ireland

[edit] Dublin

[edit] Italy

[edit] Latvia

[edit] Liechtenstein

[edit] Lithuania

[edit] Luxembourg

[edit] Macedonia

[edit] Malta

[edit] Moldova

[edit] Monaco

[edit] Montenegro

[edit] Netherlands


[edit] Norway

[edit] Poland

[edit] Portugal

[edit] Romania

[edit] Russia

[edit] Moscow

The Movement for the Defence of Khimki Forest and WWF are organising a bike ride around the Khimki Forest, as part of their ongoing campaign to defend the forest from destruction by the planned Moscow - St Petersburg motorway.

Gathering at 17:30 at the station Khimki by Tolstoy Park (along the train from Moscow to the right).

More information in Russian at

[edit] Serbia

[edit] Slovakia

[edit] Slovenia

[edit] Spain

[edit] Basque Country

[edit] Sweden

[edit] Switzerland

[edit] Geneva

[edit] Zurich

[edit] Ukraine

[edit] Irpin

[edit] Kyiv

[edit] United Kingdom

[edit] Brighton


Date: Sunday 19 September

Location: Meet at 14:00 at The Level play park, south of Union Road, Brighton BN2 3FX

Events planned so far: Critical mass cycle ride

Organiser: Nick Sayers

Contact tel: 07812 036415

Contact e-mail:

Web address: -

[edit] Bristol

[edit] Chichester

[edit] Edinburgh

[edit] Inverness

[edit] Hampshire

[edit] Kidderminster

[edit] London

[edit] Camden

[edit] Richmond

[edit] Westminster

[edit] Luton

[edit] Manchester Trafford

[edit] North Yorkshire

[edit] Harrogate

[edit] Oxford

[edit] Stoke-on-Trent

[edit] Wigan

[edit] Woking

[edit] York

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