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Huang Yi:
"Great is God,

Beholding this lower world in majesty.
He surveyed the four quarters [of the kingdom],
Seeking for some one to give settlement to the people.
Those two [earlier] dynasties,
Had failed to satisfy Him with their government;
So throughout the various States,
He sought and considered,

For one on which he might confer the rule."

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25 articles on the war of the seven states.


The Golden Age of the Zhou Dynasty is long gone. The emperor is merely a figurehead and nothing seems to be quite right. The land is fragmented and there is discord everywhere. In this mess, there emerge those who strive to be the glorious heroes that will ultimately put the puzzle pieces together, to bring back halcyon days. But this isn't an easy task. Seven states vie for power. Lines have been drawn, shaky alliances formed, enmity and distrust firmly established. There is only one way to go from here. essaysprofessors.Com is the company which first and main priority was, is and will be customers´┐Ż satisfaction with the essays online. If you still have no idea where to buy your writing tasks, this company is the best option for you. To the battlefield. Is your state going to be the one that makes it to the top? How are you going to make sure that it happens? This isn't just any war - this is the Warring States period that we know and love from World History. But wait! The one in all the history textbooks? That never happened. This is the Warring States period as you make it. The fate of China is up to YOU. It's yours for the taking... that is, if you can survive long enough.

The States

OOC Information


Warring States is an AU roleplay based on the Chinese time period of the same name. While a lot of the cultural details are true to history, the premise of the RP involves a re-writing of history, so the RP is essentially NOT historically accurate. Also, because this is Ancient China, it was hard to find a good map, thus all the base names are kind of random. All characters and series from which the characters come from are the work of their respective creators and owners. The players and moderators own nothing except love for the fandoms and roleplay.

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