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Welcome to the new (and hopefully permenant) home of the USG Wiki.

Welcome to the USGovSim Wiki!

This is a comprehensive database of important information regarding USGovSim, the free American political simulation. Here, you will find biographies of characters, the history of the game, important events, and all sortso of miscellaneous information. However, it' can't be done with the help of the player base. Help us out by registering an account and get to editting and creating! Anyone can do it!

You'll want to learn how to edit pages, so there's a basic guide here. Also, be sure you learn to add categories so that we have an organized and streamlined database here. You'll also need to know how to start a new page. Lastly, if you'd like a place to experiment without ruining everything, use the Sandbox.

We'll also shortly have more appropriate, specialized "How To" pages for you shortly. Just be careful for now, because everything's under some sort of construction or another. If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to get in contact with the admin of this wiki.

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Welcome to the new Wiki for US Gov Sim.

You will have to create an account in order to edit or create new pages. This should cut down on the spam attacks.

Admins who need to get Bureaucrat powers, contact Steele (or Hayes, after he's empowered.)

All files from the old Wiki have now been uploaded here (that may not include images, however).

News Link title* The US led War in Venezuela moves on from the initial invasion to fighting the insurgency deep within the Venezuelan jungle as popular support for the war falls to the low 60s. Colombia and Brazil also maintain large troop deployments, followed by Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Did you know …

  • ... that Randy Peterson was shot in the arm while running for President?
  • ... that Angela Mallory created a movie for her senior project, called "The Trouble With Hippies"?
  • ... that Adam Bishop has a tattoo of tetrachloroethylene on his right shoulder?
  • ... that Daniel Mallory appointed an ex-girlfriend to sit on the BSC Supreme Court?
  • ... that Brian Murphy is part-owner of the Washington, D.C. bar McMurphy's?
  • ... that J. P. Dailey considered film directing before moving into politics?
  • ... that Matt Mitchell is a Vanderbilt and UF alumnus?
  • ... that Peter Vandenberg is b@#s$%@ insane and was assassinated in 2040?
  • ... that Valeria Smith has been in Senate 18 years?
  • ... that Geraldo Gozne was a former Marxist in college?
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