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The GameBoy Xtreme (or GBx) is a handheld game system by Nintendo. It was made too compete directly with the Playstation Portable, and cash in on the trend of "Xtreme" things (Such as Xtreme Bread). It was released November 17th 2007 in the USA, Canada, and UK, November 30th 2007 in Europe other than UK, December 7th 2007 in Japan and December 15th 2007 in Australia. It was announced by surprise on August 23rd 2007 at the Leipzig Games Convention in... Leipzig. It is available in White, Black, Titanium (silver grey), Blue (Japan Only), Red (Japan Only), Pink (Limited Edition, Japan Only), and Black and White Soccer Ball pattern (Limited Edition, Europe Only). It has a blocky appearence similar to the DS Lite or Wii.

The GBx has four face buttons (A, B, Y, and X) two shoulder buttons (L and R), an analouge trigger (Z), a control pad, a sliding control stick, and a motion sensor. It also has +, -, and Home buttons below the screen. It uses discs based on the ones used by the GameCube, and also has a slot for SD Cards. It can be used to organize Wii game data, and can play media files using software based on that used by the GBA Media Player. It also has a Mini USB port. It features built in WiFi as well.


Prices and Packages

The GBx retails for US$199.99, CAD$219.99, AUS$249.99, £99.99, €149.99 or ¥22,500 in it's normal package, which includes only the system, charger, USB to Mini USB cable, and documentation. There is also an "Plus Pack" (Known as the Advanced Package in Canada and Europe, or as the X+ Package in Japan) that includes everything in basic package, plus a car charger, headphones, velcro sleeve, and a demo disc. It retails for US$239.99, CAD$259.99, £119.99, €179.99 or ¥28,000, abnd is not available in Australia. Games retail for US$39.99, CAD$39.99, AUS$49.99, £19.99, €29.99 or ¥4,500.


As it is "Xtreme" the marketing reflects that. The system is sponsored by Tony Hawk, and has TV ads featuring skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerskating, skiing, surfing, and tennis. Print ads mainly focus on the Tony Hawk sponsership. Six Flags theme parks, with their sponsorship of Nintendo, had a contest at all of their parks in October, whoever could ride the extremist Rollercoaster at the park the longest won a GBx and received it in the mail a week before the release along with a copy of Mario Kart: Xtreme Trax.


So far, not many accessories have been released. There are third party chargers cables, and cases, and Nintendo has came out with a plastic screen cover, Charging/PC connection cradle, keyboard (Japan Only), Tri Band GSM antenna (Japan Only) are released, and a GPS Navigating system, Camera, Mini Printer, TV Tuner, and S-Video and Composite Video TV adapters are in the works, along with a rumored GameBoy Player.

Notable Games

First Party/Second Party

Third Party

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