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Welcome to the Two Word Replacement Definition Wiki.

This wiki is all about two word replacement definitions. A two word replacement definition is a two word definition of a word that can directly replace it in a sentence. Its purposes are:

  • to provide a place for artificial intelligences to come to learn words. Two word definitions are the simplest.
  • for non-native English speakers learn more words using brief definitions and some examples.


For example the word 'but' can be replaced with 'and yet' in most sentences. 'Susan wanted to go to the store but she had help out her mother first.' becomes 'Susan wanted to go to the store and yet she had help out her mother first.'


  • Sometimes more than one definition is necessary if the word has many meanings and the two word definition can not be dropped into all situations (see is)
  • try to avoid tight loops of definitions.
  • avoid using negative words such as not in definitions. They will give the A.I. hiccups.
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