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[edit] Editing policies

  • Work titles should be italic.
  • Spoiler tags allowed, recommended to use. Code is {{spoiler|text}}.
  • Redirects are accepted and encouraged. If several people are possible to make the same mistake, we should have that little backup to lead to the right link.
  • All examples should be either in the order they appeared on TV Tropes, in the alphabetical order of their subsections, or in an order superior to that that we have yet unable to find on this site, but you're welcomed to try to find it.
  • People Sit on Chairs acceptable. If tropers have shown anything, is that they can have fun with the most mundane of concepts.
  • Inline intendents (starts, two points etc) may go as far as needed. Just try not to break the page.
  • Insulting tropers, either in Thread Mode, edit summary or any other way will not be tolerated.
  • Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment applies to non-celebrity particular people. Religion, Real Life celebrities, politicians and anything else are fair game.
  • Unjustified removal of content will NOT be tolerated! The administrators reserve the right to enforce this rule on themselves. Justify your removal in a civil and non-condescending way in the edit summary (or simply "Summary").
  • External links are allowed and encouraged where needed... if you can get through the spam filter. Yes, it's a bitch. No, we didn't put it in, and yes, it serves its purpose.
  • Any page is acceptable (including character pages if there's enough to say about that character in tropes), if it related to tropes (not as much to TV). Any more general topics should be approached on Wikipedia, Wikinfo or any other site that will allow such content.
  • Anything else is at user discretion and may be discussed and implemented where needed/wanted.

[edit] Trope names and namers

  • Trope names should be the most fun/punny needed for the context. TV Tropes was built with its own jargon, describing tropes too literal is another thing ruining the spirit.
  • All titles should have first letter of the word In Uppercase, to preserve the original TV Tropes spirit.

[edit] Editing tips

When importing a page from TV Tropes, if you're using a text editor, the following tips may ease your edits:

  • If a trope work, replace all "* " with "* [[" Thus, you'll have 2 less [['s to type in, and that'll make everything easier.
  • Replace "[[spoiler: " with "{{spoiler|".
  • Replace // with '' (these are the endings of quotes).

[edit] Quoting tips

  • Quote at the start of the page should be in the form {{quote|text}} if it's only one continuous line.
  • Inside the text quotes recommendation: Example:
    Troper 1: Well this is a new site.
    Troper 2: Really?!
    Troper 1: Well duuh!
  • Quote marks (") should be avoided unless really needed (quote inside of a quote, of a narration etc.) Frankly, they look ugly.

[edit] Content

Nothing that violates 's policies will be kept here.

[edit] License

Most content comes from TV and is redistributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Anyone who contributes agrees to write under the same license, anyone who reuses the content must use it under the same license.

[edit] Notes


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