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Creator Slagar
Theme Egyptian
Size Large
Floors 5
Location An Egyptian Tomb
Climate N/A
Recommended Bots Teeth Mummy
Berserker Splitter
Warrant Officer Cain
Lt. Black
Stone Golem
Ninja Monkey
Recommended Weapons 9mm pistol
Recommended Music "Who's the mummy" Temple
Available Modes Story

Unlike the TS2 remake, the TSFP tomb does not focus on a maze design, rather is a amazing series of booby traps, mummy fighting, artifact uncovering, pharoah searching, and more.

Tomb is part of a series that starts very easy and becomes harder as Tomb 2, Tomb 3, and such maps are added onto the story about a mummy seeking revenge for his artifacts being stolen.



Primary Objectives

Kill Pharoah Escape

Secondary Objectives

Collect Coins (Hide) Collect Crystal (Hide)

Map Construction

The map itself starts with the player in a double corridor with a 9mm pistol in front of them. Up ahead death pits drop one floor and force the player to turn on the only tile that isn't spikes(basically the non-death pit part makes a small L). One 30 times respawning attack mummy is encountered here. The player drops a floor down a spiral stair case and enters a small and simple maze with coins and more mummies attacking (respawning as well, as all mummies in this map are). Collecting the coins causes a secondary objective to be complete.

The player finds a red key here and enters a door.0 Here six slides on the sides lead into death pits except for one.

Three slides are on the left side, while three slides are on the right. A mummy attacks here and an auto turret on the ceiling shoots darts at the player. A decoration sits at the end. The one slide on the far left end leads down into a hallway.

The player continues left and finds a car. The player drives the car through a trench, turns, gets shot at by an auto turret, and turns again and is stopped by a ramp facing backwards so the player cannot continue. (Mummies rain down from above while driving)

The player continues through a short hall with a locked door at one end. There is an unlocked door off to the side. The player enters the unlocked room and kills one Croplite, tough guy and armed with an electrotool that cannot be dropped, thus completing the objective "Kill Pharoah". The Croplie drops a blue key allowing the player to continue. Here the player enters a hall where two mummies with health set to high attack him/her.

The player then continues up a ramp leading to the top of the trenches. Another hallway is directly ahead, but if the player goes all the way around the trench (Stays on the top and turns twice) then the player finds a Time Crystal, which completes another secondary objective.

After the player enters the hallway mentioned earlier, the player tuns left and is returned to the maze through a door locked with a blue key. The player then goes back to start and heads through another blue door, completing the mission.

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