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Creator Slagar
Game TS2
Theme Victorian
Size Large
Floors 2
Location An Egyptian Tomb
Climate N/A
Recommended Bots Crypt Zombie x8
Trooper Grey
Recommended Weapons Garret Revolver
Recommended Music Egyptian Tomb
Available Modes Story

Map Construction

Tomb starts out with the player in a open low room. The player grabs a garret revolver and two boxes of ammo and goes down a ramp into something close to darkness. Crypt Zombies(the mummies) spawn in in different locations through out the map.

The player navigates through the massive maze until he\\she finds the red key. The red key unlocks the door to the marines(trooper grey) and the blue key. The marines have been mummified so that's why it's best to use Trooper Grey. The blue key unlocks a door that leads to the yellow key and the artifact. The yellow key unlocks the main tomb deep in the maze.

In the final tomb the player kills the Croplite armed with an Electratool. A green key appears somewhere in the maze. The player grabs the green key. The player escapes back to the place where he\\she spawned. The player unlocks a door with the green key that leads to the end.

Tomb is a very frusterating yet awarding map. It is great fun for the person who made the maze as well becsuse I've found that even the creator can get lost easily.


We sent a dig crew into the tomb about to weeks ago. After a week we sent in a team of marines to investigate. None returned.

They probably just got lost in the maze. No big deal. We're sending you to investigate. Some say they hear howls at night...


Enter Tomb

Find marines

Find rumored artifact

Find Mummy(Croplite)


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