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Creator Slagar
Game TS2
Theme Alien
Size Small
Floors 2
Location TS2
Climate N/A
Recommended Bots Scourge Splitter x3
Reaper Splitter x3
Drone Splitter x2
Baby Drone x2
Recommended Weapons Plasma Autorifle
Recommended Music Goteki Remix
Available Modes Story

The map's shape is TS2, with two teleports in each one. For example, T has red and blue teleports, S has blue and green teleports, and 2 has red and green teleports. Drone Splitters and Baby Drones spawn in the S, Reapers spawn in the 2, and Scourge Splitters spawn in the T.

Scourge Splitters are worth thirty points, Reapers are worth fifty points, and both the drones are worth ten. The player starts in the T, farthest away from the S2. He/she picks up a Plasma Autorifle and a armor high.

This map really has a lot of replay value. The only real purpose is to beat your own score or challenge your friends.

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