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TS2 Glitches

Unlike TSFP, Timesplitters 2 has only a few mapmaker glitches.

Blue Light Vortex

This is a simple glitch that causes the blue spawn light to stay stuck in one place for the rest of the game. Just make a spawn point directly facing a teleport. When you spawn in that spawn point, run into the teleport. The blue spawn light will be stuck, yet still moving.

TSFP Glitches

There are many mapmaker glitches in Timesplitters: Future Perfect. See the ones below for more in depth information.

"Leaking" Roof

If a Indoor map is created with weather set to "Storm", rain appears on screen despite the fact the map is an indoor map. It has only happened to me in the "Horror" and "Lab" tilesets. Also, it's only worked so far with "Storm"


If you put a ramp or staircase in a map with doors on both exits, and if you walk toward the wall, you'll fall through it. It works on the tileset Metal Lab.

1. Basic Merging of Tiles( 2 possibilities)

1.1 Select the two tiles you want to merge. Put one of them on the fifth floor, and the other one below it, on the fourth. If they are two stories in height, place the bottom floor of the top one in the fifth. Next, grab the tile that you used to move the two Story AIs up and move it down to the third floor. Mark the three tiles: the two you wish to merge and the third one below them. Grab the one at the bottom and move it into the fifth floor. After you release it, move it back down to the fourth floor. Now, open up your Story AIs. Find the one that is in the sixth floor and select "Show in Map." You will see the bottom of the two tiles that you moved above the fifth floor. Mark it, then move down two floors to find the tile you left there, and mark it as well. Then move it up one floor so that the two tiles are now merged in the seventh floor. Jump to the Story AI in the seventh floor and you will find them. In order to move them back down into the level, highlight them by dragging a selection box, then move down to the fifth floor and mark the tile you have there, grab it, and move it down two stories. You now have two merged tiles in the fifth floor. If you want to move or delete them, you have to highlight them by dragging a selection box. Simply grabbing them or marking them does not work.

Now that you know how to do that, you can acheive some very cool effects.

1.2 The glitch introduction... for you OK Glitching for Dummies: Place 4 3x3 stockables in a row in the right top corner ( but they have to touch eachother)





like that ,then mark all tiles and and pull the cursor out of that MM raster The cursor should be above the first tile,outside of the raster then you should see, that there is that grabbing option,when you slowly near the cursor to the raster Grab the marked tiles and place them again (cursor should remain outside of the raster) Then, ohhh! a part of the tiles will be overleaped (about the size of a corridor) Delete one tile which is overleaping the other one... This part is now invisible (invisible=you can't grab it) Place a corridor on it and delete the mentioned 3x3 room Now you have an invisible corridor Place another corridor on it, and mark them , but not with the normal mark mode Move the cursor , as you want to mark many tiles Make that twice, so that you have 6 corridors with the size of a normal 3x3 room Delete the 3 corridors, and place a 3x3 room on them, then first mark them with the normal marking option and then move the cursor again...the invisible corridors will be marked now Place another room mark it also and grab the new room, so that the 3 corridors are now visible Delete them, and place a further 3x3 room onto them. FINISH

2. The Floating Platform

Merge two large open stackables or two small open stackables. Bring them down to the fifth floor. Place more stackables on each side of it; this will remove the walls. Before you play it, move the Story AIs back down from the seventh and sixth floors so that the platform will be the highest tile and therefore without a ceiling. You now have a platform floating out in the open in the middle of the skybox.

3. Windows to the True Outside

I have wasted so much space in previous maps of mine making an outside area that players couldn't get to just for aesthetics. This is a much easier way. Create a room. Merge two stackables as if you were making a floating platform. Place them bordering the room and place stackables on all sides and above and below the ones you merged. Separate the merged tiles from the room with a window. Now, when you play the map, you can look out a window and see the skybox outside.

4. Perpetual Blood Machine

Create a military map. Place a deathtrap on the fifth floor and a small open with a spawnpoint in it on the fourth. Merge the two. Now, whenever you spawn, you will instantly explode. Note that the deathtrap must be above the other tile when you merge them or it will not work. It does not work on Lab, Horror, and Egyptian and I have not tested it on Virtual.

5. Didn't I Just Come From That Way?

Place a triple corridor on the fifth and a small T-Junction below it on the fourth, facing a way such that the wall is perpendicular to the direction of the corridor. When you merge them, the T-Junction wall will be invisible and passable on one side, and visible and impassible on the other. Players will walk through a corridor and turn around and see a wall blocking the way they just came from.

6. 3-Way Teleport

Place a One-Way send Red Teleport somewhere on a map and a One-Way receive Yellow Teleport elsewhere. Then, merge a One-Way receive Red Teleport with a One-Way send Yellow Teleport. Players will walk into the Red Teleport and emerge somewhere in the level. When they walk back through, they will end up somewhere entirely different from where they started, effectively making a three-way teleport.

A note about merging tiles and tile visibility: Sometimes, when you merge tiles, and are walking through the tile in mapmaker preview, you'll notice adjacent tiles suddenly disappear from visibility. There is a simple rule to how this works: any tile already placed in the mapmaker when you merge the tiles will not go invisible, ones you place afterwards will. If you placed tiles after you merged them and do not want them to go invisible, grab the tiles you merged--which will in truth only pick up one of them, leaving the other, ungrabbable one behind--rotate them around four times so that they end up in the same direction they started, and place them back down.

7. Sky floor

Place a normal 3x3 room on a stackable one, then place a further 3x3 stackable room under it. The floor will turn to sky, and you will be still able to walk on it.

8. Doors/Windows everywhere

Make a normal 3x3 room "invisible", then place 2 small rooms on it. Put a window between these two rooms, mark the 3x3 room and move it away. The window/door will be glitched into the normal room.

9.Windows/doors diagonal

Place an "invisible" room and put the open bunker corner on it, then place a window/door where it is supposed to be on the bunker corner. Make the normal 3x3 room visible -> the window/door will be diagonal in the room.

10. Walking on small stackable rooms (Military TS only)

Place an "invisible" trench corner. The stackables you place on the white parts of the trench corner will turn to an "invisible" floor, so that you can walk and shoot through them. Don't forget to place some stackables under the first ones. Its useless otherwise.

11. Flames in tiles (Horror TS only)

A bit more complicated... Place a big deathpit and put (a) random room(s) on the 1st deathpit floor. Put a big room (2 floors - Important!) in front of it. The flames belonging to the deathpit will now be seen in the random room(s). You should place the big room at the end otherwise the glitch will be messed up ...If it happens that some parts of the rooms turn to sky then just replace the big room...finish.

12. One way windows

Make the tile you want to see through "invisible". Place the rooms that will be connected to it later. Now chose a room that has the same size and place it on the "invisible" room. The room which will be added will show you the tile you placed on the 1st one. Try to make a tunnel: -make a small ramp (size:2x1) "invisible" put a small corridor in front of it -after this you have to place a further small corridor but now on the ramp. -place a room on the side where the ramp cant be connected usually, the last room you placed is now connected to the small corridor. -put a window between these two rooms

You will now be able to walk on the ramp like you do it in a normal match but when you go behind the ramp you can shoot on the people walking along the corridor and ramp.

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