Explosives and Turrets - 3

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Explosives and Turrets - 3
Creator ILHI
Theme Lab
Size small
Floors 2
Location A robotics base
Climate N/A
Recommended Bots Time Assassin
Recommended Weapons  ?
Recommended Music  ?
Available Modes Story

Explosives and Turrets - 3 is the 3rd of 3 almost identical maps. This version includes a Story and an Assault. On Story you start surrounded by Time Assassins in which you have to head straight for the teleport and then fight them off with the weapons you picked up at the beginning with your uplink. You then have to kill everyone, jump down, input the codes, destroy the machines and run. In Assaullt you have to get to a teleport, pick up the 10 lunchboxes, input the codes without getting blasted (very difficult) and then destroy the machines. (the bots help by shooting at them) You then have to check all the turrets are in use. And you win. Not much a Story to this level.

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