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    Welcome to Tribewanted's Wiki!

This Wiki is an unofficial resource for information about the Tribewanted project. This Wiki is created and maintained by the tribe members.

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You may also wish to read why this Wiki was created, as well as the Wiki Guidelines.

This Wiki is currently moderated by Carol. Thanks Carol!

Important Notice

This Wiki is an open resource, created and maintained by Tribe members and the general public. Tribewanted, Ltd. does not endorse any of the contents found on this public Wiki. Those interested in purchasing a membership with Tribewanted should not rely on any information provided in this Wiki when making such a decision. Please refer to the official website for current project and membership information. Tribewanted, Ltd. makes no representation or warranty that any concepts or development plans that may be found herein will ever be constructed. Tribewanted, Ltd., and the contributors to this Wiki, make no express or implied representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this Wiki. Members of the press should contact for all press related inquires and information.

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