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Wild West

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Gunpowder being laid near the jail in the Wild West level

In the Wild West level, you become Elijah Jones in his mission to save Ramona Sosa and kill The Colonel to save Little Prospect.



1853 WILD WEST - Little Prospect

The good people of Little Prospect live in terror of The Colonel - a megalomaniac deserter from the Confederate army who like to shoot first and ask questions later.

He slandered the local law lady - Ramona Sosa, by putting a false bounty on her head. Now she's slammed up in gaol. 'cos folks round these parts just don't seem to know right from wrong anymore.

But grizzled bounty hunters like Elijah Jones aren't so easily put off the trail - The Colonel's a wanted man and there's a reckoning a-comin'.

They say he's holed up in the old mine works where he's been a-digging fer something more valuable then gold, something that ain't quite natural...

Primary Objectives

  • Rescue Ramona from jail (All)
  • Destroy the Wanted posters of Ramona and clear her name (Normal/Hard)
  • Eliminate The Colonel (All)
  • Retrieve the Time Crystal (All)
  • Put out the fire and rescue the girl (All)
  • Escape through the Time Portal (All)

Secondary Objectives

  • Destroy the Wanted posters of Ramona and clear her name (Easy)



Used With Permission from SuperNova

Easy Strategy

Walk to the wall opposite where you start after the cutscene then turn left and look up with your sniper rifle zoomed in. There's a guy walking around on the roof of the General Store, but he won't notice you so just kill him. Then round the next corner and another guy will come out of the Saloon. Shoot him with your rifle (don't bother aiming) then strafe right, facing left around the next corner. Zoom in with your rifle and pop the guard you see up ahead in the head. Then enter the saloon and go into the corridor behind the bar and follow this path up to the rooftops. From here you can access the whole street on a higher level. Cross over to the General Store balcony and get the ammo left by the first guard you killed. Drop down to the street below and head for the Sheriff's office opposite. On the left of the entrance is a wanted poster, so tear it off. Then enter the office and take the second right to get to the prison cells.

Behind you is a case containing gunpowder - you don't need it in Easy but collect it for fun. Then go over to Ramona's cell and she'll tell you to get her out. Exit the office and turn left down the alley next to it. You'll emerge in a courtyard with a tower at one end. Immediately when you enter the courtyard look up and, with your sniper rifle, kill the guard/sniper up there before he can react. Then head through the archway on the left and you'll find yourself behind the prison cells. Pushed up against the wall is a cart loaded with dynamite. Hmmm... It's almost too easy. Just shoot the crates on the cart to blow up the wall and free Ramona. Alternatively, use the gun powder to lay a trail over to some crate at the other side of the courtyard. Shoot the crates and the cart will explode. Either way, stand well back and you'll have an objective ticked off.

Humbly accept Ramona's thanks (what, I don't even get a kiss?!) and turn around to confront two baddies. Use your garrett to deal with them, and don't let Ramona get shot. Exit out onto the street and go right over to where it says "buy a horse". Go left from there into the next road and, with the help of your garrett, dispatch a guard on the left hand side of the street. Then take out your rifle and shoot the sniper up ahead. Look on the right side and kill two more guards who should be there by now. You will now hear a plea for help from a hot (literally) girl in a burning barn. Enter it and climb the stairs. Look up and you'll see barrels above the blaze; shoot them to put it out and receive congratulations from the girl ("Mah hero!"). Further down the road is a sniper in a window of a building. Show him and his friend (behind a window the opposite side of the street) who the real sniper is with your vintage rifle. On the building next to the bank is another poster of Ramona. Tear it off then turn the corner to reach a checkpoint.

Use your garrett to dispatch the next guard and take his 2x garretts. Up ahead is a building with two enemies. One is hiding behind the corner and the other is in the window. Use your sniper to kill them both. Then run up the house to tear another poster off the wall to finish the objective. The steps leading up are behind the house. Finally, you can enter the mine. Go forward and run into the cart to set it moving. Then look at the little niche on your right and you'll notice some much-needed armour. Follow the cart into the open area and you'll get some dialogue. Just run up the left path and shoot at the fleeing figure. This is The Colonel. Follow him into the small hut and shoot him there. Camp out here as several more of his men come and attack you then leave. There may still be some more standing around - just kill them, they're no threat (to help you there are ten enemies here, including The Colonel). There is ammo and armour scattered about if you need it, mostly in the huts. When the coast is clear go back to where you first entered the area and run along the tracks that lead to an entrance forced open by the cart. In here, a little while down the tunnel, is the Time Crystal. Collect it and leave again, dropping down to the walkways and entering the Time Portal to exit the level.

Normal/Hard Strategy

This is another mission which is largely unchanged from Easy mode except for a couple of small details. You also have to pull down all the Ramona posters, of which there are seven. They are scattered around the town, from the saloon to the final house before the mine. I won't talk about them in the walkthrough so make sure you don't forget to collect them as you progress through the level.

As soon as the game starts pause the game and manually select your Garrett revolver. Blast the guy who appears straight away. Look round the corner and in the street opposite you'll notice another dude hugging the wall. Kill him then turn the corner and head to the right side of the road. There is a guy on the rooftops opposite you. Kill him then go into the saloon, the building on the right after the second corner. There are various Ramona posters scattered about the first area. Be sure to collect them.

Head up the stairs inside this building and you'll be on the rooftops. You can collect the ammo of the guy you killed and, if you take the right route, you'll reach a house with Garrett ammo in one of the rooms. When you're done go to the edge of the rooftops in the direction of the Sheriff's office. Where the roof widens is a guy hiding, so be wary. Jump down to ground level and you'll see a bad guy standing in the door of the Sheriff's place. Kill him and take the right path inside the house. On the right is a chest containing gunpowder. Take it and talk to Ramona if you want. She tells you to get her out. Don't worry, Ramona, I'm coming to help you!

Go round the building and through the tunnel to its right. Get your sniper out, crouch, aim up then start crawling out into the courtyard. Standing in the bell tower is a sniper. Shoot him in the head quickly to avoid being hit then turn your sights slightly to the right. Move out a bit more and another guy comes into view. Another notch in your pistol. The coast is clear now, so head through the first courtyard and into the second. There is a cart here. Push it against the prison wall. You can't just shoot the crates on top like you could in Easy mode - to blow it, make a trail of gunpowder from the cart to the crates in the top right corner of the yard. Shoot the crates and a fire moves along the trail to destroy the cart, effectively freeing Ramona.

Run back to the street and quickly gun down the two guys there. Otherwise they might kill Ramona, so watch out. Go through the door that just opened and carefully turn the corner into the next street. This part is just like an old western - there are guys hidden behind barrels all the length of the road, and they keep popping out to shoot at you. Clint Eastwood eat your heart out! Just focus on one guy at a time, using your sniper if you need it. This is one part of Hard mode you can actually enjoy! When the street's clear run down to a burning barn and here a babe scream "Help! Help!" in a familiar Texan drawl. Run into the barn (there are some guards inside) and go to the top floor. Shoot the barrels above the fire to put it out. Venus Starr (the babe, who's melons are unnaturally large) runs out.

Go back out into the street again and check the windows of the other buildings for more guys as you walk down it. The house on the right with three windows on the first floor has a sniper in it, and the small hut on the left at the corner of the street also does. Go right into a small road and turn left. You're in a small tunnel under a rock. There is a double-Garrett toting guy just ahead, and you need his guns. Shoot him down and get his guns. As you walk to the other side of the tunnel you'll reach a checkpoint.

The new area has several hidden enemies who shoot you. If you don't know where they are, run back and they'll follow. There is a sniper in the window of the tall house, along with some ammo and a Ramona poster. You should have all but two objectives ticked off at this point. You may have to go back to search for any Ramona posters you may have missed out. When you're ready enter the mine. There is armour in one of the alcoves on the right. You can't simply push the cart now - you have to change the rails first. Ready yourself for a big gunfight then step outside.

You are greeted with heavy gunfire as soon as you step out into the open. Guys come running at you from all directions. Dodge back into the tunnel, round the corner then camp there, strafing and gunning down all comers. A couple of guys will come at you from behind, but because you read this walkthrough you'll be ready for them. The Colonel soon turns up, but like most (human) bosses he's easy to kill. When you're sure all his goons are dead (there are sometimes some left outside) head for the hut on the left side of this large area. Inside is a chain you need to pull to change the rails. If you search enough you'll also find some ammo and armour hidden in the other hut and around the area.

When you've done that go back to the mine and push the cart forward. It gains momentum and runs across the rails that run over the canyon area. It crashes into the wall on the other side, making a doorway for you. Follow its path and enter the mine here. At the end of the tunnel is the Time Crystal. Grab it and leave the mine again. A TimeSplitter will probably assail you, but you ought to have enough health to withstand an attack from it (it's very hard to dodge in this enclosed area). Head out and jump down to the wooden paths below (don't fall into the pit!) Go over to the Time Portal and complete the mission.


  • The Colonel couldn't have deserted from the Confederate Army yet, since the American Civil War didn't start until 1861. This was a historical error on the part of FRD.
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