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TimeSplitters 4

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Released Announced
Platforms Only PS3 Confirmed so far.
Publisher Not Specified Yet
Characters/Maps Unknown
Modes Unknown
Max Players Unknown

TimeSplitters 4 is the tentative title for the latest installment in the TimeSplitters series. The Official Playstation Magazine announced in an article in late June 2007 that TimeSplitters 4 was to be Playstation 3 exclusive. However, this is most likely either bias or the game will be announced for additional consoles as developments continue.

Any other details about the game, including a planned release date, have not been revealed at this time. In the OPM article, a logo parodying the Gears of War logo was used, consisting of a monkey head in a gear. This suggests that the game may be focusing more on parodying other popular FPS then previous TimeSplitters titles. Another feature in OPM showed Master Chief from the Halo series with a Monkey head. A small trailer on FRD's site also shows the modified Master Chief picture.

Story Mode

Many fans, upon hearing the news, posed the question on how the plot would continue after Cortez defeated the TimeSplitters at the end of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. Some speculated that TimeSplitters 4 will have no story mode, while others were left to imagine their own scenarios.

On 20/8/07, N4G.com had a video interview with David Doak, who commented that TS4 will be "A game that is pure gameplay." This suggests, like some fans speculated, that TS4 will not have a story mode. It may also suggest a reversion back to the TimeSplitters 2 "gameplay-driven" story with a minimal story.

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