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Superfly Lady

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Superfly Lady
Game TS2
League Honorary League
Section Team Series B
Mode Assault
Map Hangar
Character Kitten Celeste
Accompanied by
Harry Tipper
Dr. Peabody
Enemies Encountered Henchman x2
Dark Henchman
Rewards Hangar Assault Mode
Medal Requirements Bronze: 6 min
Silver: 3 min
Gold: 2 min
Platinum: 1 min

Superfly Lady is a challenge in the Arcade League section, Team Series B. It involves the Atom Smasher characters playing the Hangar Assault course.


Khallos is hoping to make a getaway in his executive evil lear jet - But typically, he has forgotten to fuel it up. If Kitten can just manage to beat off the henchmen and blow their barrels, his evil flight plans may be foiled once again.


Main article: Assault#Hangar
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