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Size Large
Location In a Subway
Climate None
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots Harry Tipper
Riot Officer
Mr. Giggles
Private Hicks
Pulov Yuran
Fergal Stack
Tin-Legs Tommy
Undead Priest
Recommended Weapons Kruger 9mm
Tactical 12-Gauge
Flare Gun
Machine Gun (x2)
Proximity Mines

Subway is a subway, as the name of the map suggests. The map is centered around two railroad tracks, with outlying hallways and rooms. An announcer can be heard over the intercom intermittently saying things such as "There are several armed people in the area. Approach with extreme violence".

Easter Egg

There is a lever in a room with a window that overlooks the train tracks. There is a lever right behind the window. If you press the action button, you will pull the lever. When you do, two trains will run over the track briefly. Anyone unfortunate enough to be in their path will be instantly killed.

Playable Modes

All Mutiplayer Modes can be played except for Assault.

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