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Nice Threads

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Nice Threads
Game TS2
League Elite League
Section Team Series C
Mode Assault
Map Robot Factory
Character R One-Oh-Seven
Enemies Encountered SentryBot x3
Rewards  ?
Medal Requirements Bronze: 15 mins
Silver: 10 mins
Gold: 5 mins
Platinum: 2 min 40 secs

Nice Threads is the final Assault mission in the arcade league, and the hardest. This mission is frustratingly difficult and has led many players to give up on it for a long time.



United only by a passion for dressing up in silly costumes, R107 and Leo Krupps join forces to storm the Scrapyard Control Room. It's a death defying assault against the SentryBots- but watch out for those thread lasers, Leo! Oops, too late.


1. Breaching the Airlock

From where you start, head left and grab the Plasma Autorifle. Now proceed to fire Grenades at the laser turrets on the far left and right of the back wall. If you die, head left and get the rifle again and start firing grenades. After you destroy those two turrets, head to the centre, and fire at least two grenades at the three turrets in the centre of the back wall. The explosion from one should blow out the other one. The turret on top isn't much of a threat. It only fires grenades, but be careful.
After you go past the three turrets you just destroyed, make a sharp left before the first door. Collect the armour and then fire a grenade at the two turrets that shoot you as soon as you enter the building. Then run past and take out the grenade turret on the ceiling to your right after the second door. Turn left and run into the green room to complete your first objective.
Alternate strategies include turning the Lasergun shield on and looking at every laser turret. When you enter the building, the first two turrets won't hurt you this way.

2. Securing the cooling towers

Run through the corridor until you come to a yellow room. Before you make the wrong move, slowly make a sharp right and grenade the turret there. Then move into the core. As soon as you enter, move onto the first balcony and turn round to grenade the turret. Then fire one at your feet and run. By doing this you disable the turrets under the balcony. Do this to every balcony until you reach the bottom of the winding staircase. When you do, be quick and run into the grated room before a rocket hits you in the face. Turn right and take the first left. Run into the yellow room to complete the objective. Collect the armour too.

3. Reaching the control room

Run into the next room and grenade the turret on the wall in front of you. Run out and into the corridors. Before long you'll be in another grated room. At the fork turn right and slalom to avoid the plasma bullets. Keep going through the corridors and eventually you'll come to a room with a giant pillar in it. Go left of it and into the small room. Turn right in there and get the armour. Now run out and into the pillar room. Find the green corridor and go in there. Now follow the stairs. Eventually you will come to a laser turret. Run past it and left. You have reached the control room. Congratulations!

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