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Men in Grey

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Men in Grey
Game TS2
League Amateur League
Section Team Series A
Mode Assault
Map Training Ground
Character Private Grass
Enemies Encountered Lawyer
Rewards Silver: Assault
Gold: Accountant, Lawyer
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10 min
Silver: 6 min
Gold: 3 min 30 sec
Platnium: 1 min

Men in Grey is by far one of the toughest amateur league matches you'll come across.



A bunch of suits have been seen near the Training Ground blockhouse. They've put in some computers and it looks like they might be starting a dotcom consultancy business. Hit them hard and fast before they try to float the company and pocket the cash!


1. Reaching the waterfall

Grab the Soviet S47 on your way out (grab two if you need extra grenades). Be careful and try to avoid the fire from the auto gun turrets. Slalom by strafing left and right to avoid the bullets coming from either side. Still going straight on from the blockhouse exit, run into the trench and collect the armour. Now fire two grenades, one on either side to disable the turrets. Now fire one forward. If you get it right you will be able to kill 3-5 lawyers or accountants. If you get this wrong you can avoid it, but do it quick otherwise you will be mercilessly dogged by the suits and be bombarded by homing rockets and Minigun bullets. If you kill any of the enemies do not pick up their weapons if you are going for a platinum.

Proceed up the mountains and turn right when you see the waterfall, near where the speed should be. You have reached the waterfall.

2. Destroying the fuel supplies

Still with S47 in hand continue up the level and avoid fire from the auto turret mounted on a rock. When you reach the large open near the blockhouse, do the following:

  • Look to your left and destroy the fuel drum.
  • Then look to your right a bit and destroy that drum.
  • Fire a grenade into the bunker that the first drum was in front of. You should destroy another drum.
  • Fire a grenade or shoot the drum right at the very back of the level (behind the blockhouse).
  • Fire a grenade onto the top of the blockhouse to destroy another drum.
  • Grenade or shoot the barrel to the left of the blockhouse, at the back of the gun nest.

3. Destroy the computers

Run into the blockhouse and shoot or grenade like crazy to destroy the computers. Remember, shoot every screen and keypad, to do this quickly. Now you should be finished! Nice job!

Platinum Note

It is entirely possible to get a platinum. There is a record of 34.5 seconds made by someone who memorized the timing needed for grenading and the location of every drum. By knowing this you can aim your grenade precisely on the mark from metres away, leaving you to destroy the computers, thus not wasting any time.


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