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This is the TimeSplittersWiki, a wiki based on TimeSplitters knowledge;
We are working on articles that any User can edit.
Wanna help out the committee, try to work on the articles that are in red.

TS Wiki Main Articles

The articles listed below are the wiki's main articles:

  • Characters: All the charcters in the Time Spitters series.
  • Weapons: A list of weapons used in the Time Splitters arsenal.
  • Games: All the games in the Time Splitters series.
  • Locations: All the places in Story.
  • Items: The items used in the series.
  • Modes: There is always more that one mode, so we have to get them all!
  • Maps: All the Mutiplayer maps.

Ohter things on this Wiki

If you are in need, you just click on these links and do something:

  • Join the TS Chat Room and talk/ give tips about the TS gameplay. Located on the Navigation sidebar!
  • Read the User's Guide for other usage and configuration help.
  • Add a message to the Feedback Page if you see anything that could be improved. The Ts Wiki committee will try to anwser back and/or change what can be improved.

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