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Feed Us Information!

On this page, you can tell us, the Sysyops, what we can improve. You can also file a complaint and we'll try to do something about it. Each year/major wiki action will generate a new "patch", although technically not patches, they represent the sets of fixes each year.

Remember, you only need to post on this page if you find something only Admin's can fix.

Past Fixes

Current Fixes

  • Deleted: Duplicate page "Venus"
  • Deleted: Duplicate page "Aztec the Dino Hunter"
  • Deleted: Duplicate page "Dread Fraction"
  • Added: Arcade League and Challenge Infoboxes added
  • Deleted: Plural Duplicate article "Gun emplacements"
  • Fixed: "Bag Tag" changed to "BagTag"
  • Fixed: Featured Article error corrected
  • Fixed: TS1 Box image upon the Main page
  • Fixed: Correctly sized, transparent Wiki logo added


Page Improvement


I have a suggestion for the TS Mapmaker wiki's logo. I think that it should look like a virtual version of the TS wiki's logo. The reason I think this is because it would maintain the TimeSplitter's feel but still seem to allow room for change or improvement as is in the mapmaker.

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