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Image Needed
Ammo 26/8?
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
1 sec per dart
Reload Time  ?
Damage (per Single Shot)
15% to 100%
Type Other
Zoom  ?
Primary Fire Shoots Dart
Secondary Fire Shoots Dart
Games TSFP

The Injector is a gun found in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. It is a small gun that fires darts that have the potential to inflate and explode the unfortunate enemy who is shot by them. The explosion will cause splash damage to anyone standing to close to the Injector's victim. If the darts are shot into a wall or at the ground, the darts can be picked up and reused. Any player hit by even one dart will begin to inflate, but it will stop if he/she is only shot a couple times. When a player begins to inflate, their screen begins to stretch. The distortion will return to normal vision if the player stops getting shot with darts. While someone is inflating from one or two hits, other darts can be shot at them to cause them to explode. The Injector does not follow auto-aim.

Noise Glitch

The sound of a player inflating can get stuck, continuing even when the inflation has ceased. It happens most often if an inflating player is killed. The inflation sound gets stuck in a spot, so the closer you are to it, the louder it is.

Role in TSFP

In the Story level You Genius, U-Genix, the Injector is the only way to kill The Freaks. It is also featured in the Arcade level Chinese's recommended weapon set.

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