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Unlocked by Default
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy N/A
Agility 5
Stamina 5
Fire Proof 5
Shock Proof 5
Default AI 2
Native TimeZone 1969
First Appearance TSFP Story Mode
Relations N/A
Games TSFP
TS1 Gesture N/A TSFP Gesture Adjusts skirt and says "Does my butt look big in this?"
TS2 Gallery N/A TSFP Gallery The henchwomen asked Khallos for some concessions to Woman’s Lib in the workplace like maybe a Sisterhood of Ultra Science. So he burnt their

brassieres and got them some mini-dresses--he’s very progressive.

The women who help Khallos with his twisted plans. In order to inflitrate the base Swinging Tipper had to disguise himself a Henchwoman to sneak pass the guards.

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