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Dr. Lancet

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Dr. Lancet
Unlocked by Beat Mansion Of Madness on easy
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy N/A
Agility 5
Stamina 5
Fire Proof 5
Shock Proof 5
Default AI 1
Native TimeZone 1994
First Appearance TSFP Story Mode
Relations Dr. Pustule (Zombie form)
Games TSFP
TS1 Gesture N/A TSFP Gesture Says "Time to unleash the arse kickulator!" and then drops to the floor and propels himself with his legs saying "Woo woo woo woo woo."
TS2 Gallery N/A TSFP Gallery You would be nervous too if you worked in the mansion.

Dr. Lancet is the scientist who works for Jacob Crow and are in the Mansion Of Madness and What Lies Below story mode levels in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. One story objectives is to save him from the worms in the backyard of the mansion.

The Drunken Doctor Lancet

In the Mansion Of Madness level, inside the tiny room with killed zombie in, next to the sofa, after the third checkpoint. He says: "It can ruin your day *hic* when zombies come your way. 'Les you knock off their heads, you'll be dead! An' those thingss in wall... I don' like them at all. They kill lossa people... horrible beetles..."

What Lies Below: Before the torture lab, sitting in corridor after zombies on conveyor belts. He says: "I'ahm smart... smartest man inna whole world! I woulda 'vented microwave if summon else not dunnit... I woulda invent.... gravity, n n ... pineapples... doughnuts..."

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