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Dispersion Gun

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Dispersion Gun
Ammo 40/40
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
4-5 sec (depending on how long you charge the weapon)
Reload Time 2-3 sec
Damage (per Single Shot)
75% damage
Type Shotgun
Zoom N/A
Primary Fire Fires a ball of electricity (hold fire button for charge)
Secondary Fire N/A
Games TSFP

The Dispersion Gun is a futuristic shotgun that can be charged to do more damage although one shot (charged or uncharged) to the head is usually lethal. It uses a battery similar to that of the Plasma AutoRifle and the ElectroTool instead of clips of ammunition. Each shot uses 1 to 3(depending on how long the trigger is held) ammo out of a maximum of 40. It must be 'reloaded' in-between each shot, although the reload time is insanely low--comparable to just a slower fire rate.

It is worth mentioning that the trigger can be held indefinitely without the gun firing off prematurely. In Arcade modes with this gun, a strategy is to always have this gun charged to the max, and releasing when others pop around the corners.

Available in: Breaking and Entering, You Genius, U-Genix Weapon Sets: Neon Recommended Sets: VR, Spaceport

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