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This is a protected chat archive page from the 18th August 2006 till the 14th October 2006.


Post Info randomwolf1 14:41 @ 14 October 2006
Content Ha! You have NO idea how long I've been trying to find it... I forgot how completely different it is to TS3! And so much harder as well!

I might even go so far as to say that it's better in many ways, I think the Story mode is more fun to play through (despite the lack of much plot =D )

EDIT: Forgot to change the time again...

Post Info Xylaquin 17:18 @ 13 October 2006
Content Bah! I could probably get it for a fiver ^_^
Post Info randomwolf1 22:35 @ 12 October 2006
Content If anyone still comes by here, I just thought I'd mention that I managed to get TS2 for only £10! That's an absolute bargain! So once I've played it enough, I may start helping out again!
Post Info randomwolf1 23:08 @ 21 September 2006
Content =)

I keep doing that...

Post Info Xylaquin 20:17 @ 20 September 2006
Content If you use a translator (i used babel fish), it'd say something like "Remeber to change your post info", cos i doubt you replied to my message at the exact same time i posted it ^_^
Post Info randomwolf1 20:48 @ 18 September 2006
Content OK, I understand the first bit... but I'm struggling on the PS bit heh...

Everyone else in the class gets like A*-B and I always get a D...

Post Info Xylaquin 20:48 @ 18 September 2006
Content J'ai eu des leçons françaises pendant 5 années à mon école, mais je préfère utiliser un traducteur.

PS - Rappelez-vous de changer votre temps de poteau!

Post Info randomwolf1 07:53 @ 18 September 2006
Content "and he spoke english aswell XD"

Heh, he made his reply in English =P

Was an excuse to test my French skills though!

Post Info Xylaquin 07:53 @ 18 September 2006
Content That's Axel F's website if i remember correctly. He was at ts3.net and he spoke english aswell XD. You could of used a translator if you wanted! Anyway, I've been busy on other things lately but I'm back :) Should we clear this chat page once we reach a month's worth of posts?

Also, you don't always have to upload pictures! For example, all the pictures of the TS1 characters are hosted remotly, this frees up less space on the wiki storage quota. I only upload images to this wiki if they are system images (those like the logo, and other images used/viewed a lot), or they require to be in a frame/thumbnail (since external images can't do that). You can show an external image by pasting it's URL- i suggest transloading the images on Imageshack though, instead of leeching other ppl's bandwidth.

Post Info Drifting 17:19, 17 September 2006 (EDT)
Content Hey, thanks a ton for doing that. I'll get the pics up first thing tomorrow.
Post Info randomwolf1 @ 23:10 16/9/06
Content That French site has it's forum back up, so I've put the question in as a real request... It's more likely to get looked at than a guesbook...

EDIT! Good news! They say that we can use the 6 pictures! I'll let you choose which ones you want to use and stuff =)

Post Info Elite Yoshi @ 17:41 15/9/06
Content My fourm and site is up, it is Shvinkta Productions and the forum is Shvinkta Forums and I'll make the footage about how I got the buggy in blue base for you guys. See Ya!
Post Info Drifting 17:05, 13 September 2006 (EDT)
Content Thanks randomwolf. And Elite Yoshi, I would say that's a glitch since the buggy usually gets stuck in the door. How'd you get it in there anyway lol?
Post Info randomwolf1 @ 19:54, 12/9/06
Content Drifting, I take French at school so I MIGHT be able to help (althought I'm not the best at it...), but their forums are down so I can't ask at the moment...

EDIT: Okay, I left a message on their guestbook basically telling them about this site and saying that we would like to use those pics... I hope... Whether any permission givers will see it (or understand it) is another matter...

And I've never driven the buggy into a base, sounds like a glitch to me :P

Also, is there a way to get the layout we had before, because I've checked all the ones in preferences and it's disappeared...

Post Info Elite Yoshi @ 19:54, 12/9/06
Content Has any of you guys got the Buggy on the dam in TSFP in Sibera. I have and I drove it through the blue base. Would that be considered a glitch. I don't know. Well, if it is, its a fun one.
Post Info Drifting 18:13, 12 September 2006 (EDT)
Content http://timesplittersgames.free.fr/ts2/minijeux.php

Hmm, I wonder if we could use these images for the game cartridges page I just made. I'd ask, but I'm not fluent in French.

Post Info Elite Yoshi @ 11:42, 10/9/06
Content I'm back guys, I had some crazied up month. I have TimeSplitters FP and 2 so I'll be able to help on the story levels and stuff. I'll see if I can be open to help a little more.
Post Info randomwolf1 18:06, 9 September 2006 (EDT)
Content I was gonna start work on the FP levels once I was done with the weapon tips, I like the template you've got so I'll probably be doing the same. I only have like 2 more weapons to do so I can help on that =)

EDIT: Okay, I've FINALLY finished all the weapons in TS3 so I can start to help on some story missions!

Post Info Drifting 18:04, 8 September 2006 (EDT)
Content I've been writing up pages for each of the Story levels. I'll eventually write some strategies if no one else does, but in the meantime it'd be appreciated by me if someone would like to help out (on TS1 in particular.) I've already made a template of sorts for the story levels if you look at the ones I've already done. Though feel free to add if I forgot something.
Post Info randomwolf1 @ 16:26, 6/9/06
Content We only wanna change the "R-1 Series" bit to "R-100 Series", not the whole robot category thing... I meant can we change it so that it says that IN the category?

And Cortez only wears a white shirt when he puts on the doctor suit at the U-Genix place.

Post Info Xylaquin @ 16:26, 6/9/06
Content Don't change the robot category to "R-100 series", not all robots in TS are of the series *rolls eyes*. Cortez has a white shirt thing in some story levels, on GC it should be the same.
Post Info randomwolf1 @ 17:38, 2/9/06
Content Changing "R-1" to "R-100" is a good idea, but is it possible to change that Robot Category to say "R-100 Series"?

Also, those pics of Cortez around show him wearing a white top, is that unlockable on the PS2 or something? Because he has a grey top on the GC game...

Post Info Xylaquin @ 17:38, 2/9/06
Content I was actually planning to make the (x2) links, redirect to a subsection under the (x1) weapons. But it is a wiki so change it to your liking.
Post Info Elite Yoshi 10:52, 2 September 2006
Content I just had my party for my B-day. All we did was play Halo and TimeSplitters till 5 am. I'm still sleepy. I agree on the 2x thing. See Ya!
Post Info Drifting 15:49, 1 September 2006 (EDT)
Content I agree about the dual wielded weapons, randomwolf1. It's seems pretty redundant. Maybe there should be a Yes/No category in the Infobox to tell if the weapon is dual-wieldable?
Post Info randomwolf1 16:53, 1 September 2006 (EDT)
Content Something I wasn't too sure about the weapons tips page is whether I should separate them by game like I have, because some weapons are in more than one... It's that ever growing contents box that's beginning to worry me...

Also, wouldn't it be better if we put the *gun* and *gun (x2)* together? And just say that it can be duel wielded or something? It seems silly making a whole new page for the same gun...

Post Info Drifting 16:53, 31 August 2006 (EDT)
Content I'll copy and paste the weapon tips, since I'm the one who suggested it and all...
Post Info Xylaquin @ 19:12, 30 August
Content I've added Scourge's Realm to the Links at the bottom of the main page. Someone has to paste the weapon tips into their appropriate weapon articles.
Post Info randomwolf1 @ 21:51, 29 August
Content If you want to put the weapon tips on the weapon pages then you can. Or you could have a brief version and then link to the full version on the weapon tips page or something like that...
Post Info Drifting @ 16:21, 29 August 2006 (EDT)
Content I'll gladly link from my site to this site in my next site update, Elite Yoshi. It'd also be appreciated if there could be a link to my site somewhere on this page (http://www.angelfire.com/crazy/drifting) though if a link wouldn't fit in in the encyclopedia that's certainly okay. I'm going to see what I can do about revising some of the weapons pages.
Post Info Elite Yoshi @17:40, 28/8/06
Content Hey guys, I may be able to help the most on the weekends or holidays, schools a drag. Its okay Randomwolf if its on the GC. I like the progress of this site. See Ya!
Post Info randomwolf1 @ 9:48, 27/8/06
Content I'm afraid I can only really help of TS3 stuff since it's the only one I have... I've unlocked everything in it though so at least I know a lot about it, but it's on the GC so I don't know about the online stuff or anything...

Do you want to have a page about each mission? Saying what objectives you need to do and stuff? Because I could probably do that =)

Post Info Xylaquin @ 9:48, 27/8/06
Content They will eventually! This wiki is still building- it says we have 118 pages but we actually have less since most of those 118 pages are half-completed character pages which i'm working on.
Post Info randomwolf1 @ 2:45, 27/8/06
Content Hey, I just joined and did a little bit of work on your Future Perfect topic... Most of the topics could do with getting a little meatier ;P
Post Info Xylaquin @ 19:55, 23/8/06
Content I can make people come here, but I decided not to. The reasons being that the more people there is, the more vandalism opportunity. Not to be snobby XD, but most people can't be bothered to properly make articles. I'd wait a while untill we start introducing people- however that's only my advice.
Post Info Elite Yoshi @ 19:39, 22/8/06
Content Hey guys, I won't be active for a while because of school, I'll try to help if I can. I'll help on the items page. I'll be active on the weekends and holidays. Hey Drifting, is therer anyway you can have a link from your site to this site? I'm just trying to get more people on this wiki. If anyone can place a link on a site to here, try to see if you can. I don't want you guys to waste money, try placing an ad on some site for free. See, ya!
Post Info Xylaquin @ 17:13, 22 August 2006
Content My holidays are over, so I won't have as much time to contribute. However I will try and make a few characters each day, or one long article if that be the case.
Post Info Drifting 23:28, 18 August 2006 (EDT)
Content Hey guys I'm new. You may know me from my site Scourge's Realm. I'll be making a few new entries and such here. Nice job so far!
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