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Chastity Detroit

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Chastity Detroit
Unlocked by Default
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy 5
Agility TS2:4
Stamina TS2:6
Fire Proof 5
Shock Proof 5
Default AI 2
Native TimeZone 2005-2019
First Appearance TS1 Story Mode
Relations None
Games All

Chastity Detroit appears in all three games, although she's just known as Chastity in TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect. In TimeSplitters she helps Deacon Swain in the Cyberden mission, and in TimeSplitters 2 she aids Ghost in NeoTokyo.

TS1 Gesture Catches a gun, loads it then twirls it while saying 'Okay lets go'. TSFP Gesture Turns around saying "Come get some".
TS2 Gallery Before becoming a highly decorated officer in the LAPD, Chastity ran with the gangs in the back streets of Neo Tokyo. She has vowed to help Ghost clear his name and regain his honor. TSFP Gallery The chic cyberpunk crimebuster returns.
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