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A history lesson...

The early 1950's as we know them were marked with prosperity and hope, the newly ended Second World War allowing soldiers that had faced horrific front lines to return to their loving families, and the world to return back to a somewhat calm state.

However, here, in the ruins of the world that the denizens of the human settlement of "Manhattan" live within, such a time never occurred. Instead, mid-ways into the war, a horrific virus was released, resulting in the creation of hundreds and thousands of walking dead. At first, the armies of the world attempted conventional methods of warfare against this new and ever-present enemy; however, it soon became clear that doing such would only result in horrific casualties, casualties that would merely rise again to join the ranks of the fallen. Thus, the governments of the world turned to their freshly created weapons of mass destruction, weapons that had once been intended for each other, and unleashed them upon the undead army that marched unceasingly towards them.

However, such weapons, as untested as they were, had a terrible price, the horrific fallout that resulted costing more lives of those they had intended to protect than those of the Undead. Thus, less than a decade later, the world is in ruins, cities left as little more than empty junkyards where the dead roam free.

However, there is one last bastion that exists within this wasteland.

Within the ruins of what was once Europe, a city by the name of "Manhattan" survives. Within the sturdy, junk-metal forged walls of the settlement lies much of the remainder of humanity, hoping to eke out a life as best they can. Yet miles from Manhattan's gates lies not only the strangest of sights, but a worthwhile form of entertainment. A tear in reality, dubbed the "Flux-gate" by the denizens of the city, lies within the center of the crater, and it is with this Flux-gate that the fate of the city rests. The Flux-gate pulls and drops denizens of alternate realities and universes into the city seemingly at random, the individuals ranging from the fairly normal to the absolutely bizarre.

Welcome to Manhattan

Simply put. Set during the World War II era {1950’s}, the game takes place after a deadly virus known as Solanum breaks out amongst the nations, creating the ability to reanimate the dead. In attempts to rid of the virus, nations join up with one another and foolishly attempt to rid the world of the virus through warfare and weapons, only find that they leave mass chaos in their wake and stir up the already loose bonds of politics. A horrific fallout is the result, leaving the world in ruin and those who survive seek shelter. Thus the creation of the settlement Manhattan comes around. A combination of efforts by all sides of survival, Manhattan not only was built for those still living, but to keep the living dead out and create shelter for the affects of war. Affects that not many suspected, till one day a stranger came wandering forward claiming they were from a different land and different world beyond. That something had brought them there, and Manhattan was soon to find out that there were stranger things in the universe than they could imagine. Characters claiming their origins from alternate universes begin to suddenly find themselves placed randomly into the timeline of the plot.

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