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Welcome to the Interactive Fiction Project. The goal of this project is to create an interactive, choose-your-own adventure style decision maze, created and edited in a public domain, open source fashion, with wiki technology.

How to Edit

The basics of wikitext are pretty easy to pick up. To create new decision paths (options), you put the option in double brackets, like this narrative example:

You have an ice cream cone.

*[[Lick it]]
*[[Throw it at Joe]]

After you set that up and save it, view it, and click the "Lick it" link. It will open a new page, which you can populate with whatever narrative you like. And the asterisk makes the line that follows it into a bullet point, which is how we list decision paths. Advanced editing help is available for users who want more options. This wiki also reads most HTML tags.


This is a community of creators, not just a game. Please feel free to edit pages to create new options, new decision forks, and to substantively add to existing decision forks. Please feel free to clean up grammar and spelling as well. Be bold with changes. If they don't work, anyone can revert the page to an older version using the history tab. Anyone may play or edit the game. Please write narratives placing the reader in the action, writing in the second person ("You climb the stairs..."). See the Style Guideline for more information on the format of interactive fiction.


If you contribute even a single typo correction, please add your name to the Contributors Page. Feel free to also add your name on the Discussion page attached to each decision fork you contribute to. Please do not remove other contributors names from the discussion pages.

The Game Begins HERE

Copyright Information

This game is released to the public domain. We ask that you please attribute the source if you use any of this content. Please do not post any copyrighted content. By posting content you agree to release it into the public domain.

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