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The purpose of this website is to enable members of Thames Ditton Lawn Tennis Club to see which courts are reserved for matches, tournaments, and coaching.


The basic rules are:

  1. Two hard courts are allocated to matches on Sunday mornings. If the courts are already booked then the team captain can book grass courts but he/she is then at the mercy of the weather.
  2. On Saturday mornings, juniors have priority on three of the four hard courts and four of the six grass courts. If a team captain wants to book two grass courts then no problem (except the risk of bad weather).
  3. Generally the first captain to book the courts has priority; except where the league dates are fixed (as is the case with the men's first team).

Which Week?


The purpose of this page is to enable you to see which courts have been reserved. If you wish to reserve some courts—and you need to be either a Coach or a Team Captain to do so—send a short email to Gavin Wilson: , saying which courts you wish to reserve, and when.

  • Courts will be reserved on a first-requested, first-served basis, unless requesters establish a poor track record of not using courts requested.

How to use this page

  • In order to identify the correct week, this Calendar operates on a Monday-to-Sunday basis.
  • If the week containing the date you seek does not have an entry on this page, that means no courts have been reserved yet, except possibly by the coach.
    • In this first year of operation, it is taking some time to set up the pages.
    • Inspect another week close to your desired date, to see which slots the coach is likely to have reserved.
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