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"The words 'I am' are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you." -A.L. Kitselman


Summoner: the Conception

Welcome to my little World of Darkness fan project, inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series of games and stories. I claim no right or authority over any product of either source, or any other sources sampled in this strictly fan-based work. Do not sue me, as I can barely pay rent as it is.

Throughout this area, we'll explore a Storytelling Adventure of Self-Discovery and Deception. Over time, I will develop this page into an outright splatbook of sorts, based on the framework of the wonderful White Wolf titles, which I will gladly sell out and tell you to buy. Here goes...


A look into the ideal themes and moods of a Summoner chronicle.

Chapter 1: The Evil Genius

An overview of this unique facet of the World of Darkness, and a look into the world, factions, and dangers common to most Summoners.

Chapter 2: Character Creation

The Summoner Template, costs, nature, Merits, and the rules needed to turn a standard mortal into a Summoner and a master of their unusual Arts.

Chapter 3: Special Rules and Systems

Everything you need to know about the Mirror, the Unconscious, and the powerful Symbols that are unique to Summoner existence.

Chapter 4: Storytelling

Tips for creating a story of Summoners, and notes for useful antagonists to use in a Summoner tale or any World of Darkness story

Appendix 1: Archetypes

The rare and rumored brotherhoods whose Devil Contracts set them somehow apart from others.

Appendix 2: The Secret Clubs of Emerlyon Academy

A sample setting for a Summoner story, one day to be complete with details, plot hooks, and antagonists.

Appendix 3: Random Design Notes

...Do I really need to elaborate?

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