The Number Three

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Jack is practically obsessed with the number three and all that it represents. Some things that have showed up with the number three include :

  • Third Man Records, Jack's record label that has been the label for the Stripes themselves, but also bands such as Whirlwind Heat and The Raconteurs.
  • Third Man Films, the film production company for Under Blackpool Lights.
  • "III" can be seen on many of Jack's amplifiers onstages.
  • Jack usually signs his name on autographs and other things as "Jack White III", or simply "III".
  • He usually credits "The Third Man" for the art and design for the albums, however, Jack usually does all the art and design for the albums.
  • In "Ball and Biscuit", Jack sings "It's quite possible that I'm your third man, girl...".
  • The White Stripes' colour scheme consist in three colours: red, white and black.
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